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Dangerous Alcohol-Medication Interactions Putting Americans at Risk

alcohol boozeYou have seen it before; the warning on the label of a bottle of pills or a box of medication, urging the user to not mix the drug with alcohol. You might not have worried too much about it, because you weren’t’t inclined to be drinking alcohol when suffering a cold, the flu or whatever other malady is leading you to need medication. But what if you take prescription drugs on a regular basis, as is the case with nearly half of the American population, according to a report issued last year by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Many of the most common prescription drugs carry this warning against using alcohol while taking the medication, but it is not the case that half of American adults avoid alcohol. Only 30% of the adult population abstains entirely from drinking, per data from the National Institutes of Health, so clearly there is a large number of people who “break the rules” by violating the prohibition on the bottle label and drinking alcohol despite also using medication. And indeed that is the case. A recent study, also published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), reports that nearly 42% of American adults who drink admit to also using medications which have been demonstrated to have potentially dangerous interactions with alcohol. This is based on survey data collected from more than 26,000 adults from across the United States. Continue reading

Crack Cocaine Creates Urgent Need for Cocaine Addiction Rehab

Narconon Cocaine Rehab Help

Every drug that creates addiction has the potential to be highly destructive, but crack cocaine stands among the worst. According to the Medical University of South Carolina, the use of crack cocaine is often associated with more severe and frequent symptoms than cocaine use alone.

Paranoia occurs in two-thirds or more of crack users. Violence shows up in 55% of crack users and in some areas, 31% of homicide victims were killed by a crack cocaine user. Crack was also found to be present in a fifth of suicides.

Users usually develop a tolerance to this drug quickly which means that many will probably wind up “chasing” the euphoric high of early experiences. As more and more crack is used in an attempt to duplicate these early pleasures, there is a greater risk of incurring the severe mental disturbances associated with crack.

Cocaine Addiction Rehab Helps Crack Cocaine Addicts

Recovery is the same no matter what drug is used because the fundamental damage done to a person by addiction is fairly consistent. An addict loses self-respect and personal integrity because of the actions taken to obtain and use more drugs, and the lies told to those who might just want to help. Addicts often lose the ability to interact honestly with those around them and may not feel pleasure from anything but drug abuse. An addict’s environment is often foggy and dim due to the lasting effects of the drugs. These effects have to be undone if recovery is to be lasting. Simply covering them up with substitute medications will not return a person to life.

The Narconon Drug Rehab Program Provides New Hope and Life for Cocaine Use

When a family seeks cocaine addiction rehab for one who has lost control of a cocaine habit, Narconon drug rehab centers offer lasting recovery for those seeking cocaine addiction rehab.

Located in cities and country settings in fifty locations around the world, Narconon centers have been enabling seven out of ten graduates to achieve lasting sobriety for more than forty-five years. This includes those addicted to cocaine and crack.

Ending Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction rehab starts with a nutritionally-supported withdrawal phase that can help avoid the worst of cocaine withdrawal’s usual energy crash and depression. Each person then goes on to learn basic communication skills, which starts to return a person to healthy interaction with people and things around him.

Treatment continues with the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program that uses a sauna, moderate exercise and a strict nutritional regimen to flush out old drug toxins. As the toxic residues of crack or powder cocaine use (and from other drugs as well) lodge in the fatty tissues, this step helps remove the lingering effects of these drugs. The result is a brighter outlook and reduced cravings.

The next phase of rehabilitation in this cocaine addiction rehab activity is the restoration of sober living skills, which includes recovering one’s personal integrity and the ability to make sober living decisions.

Find out today how this long-term program can help someone you care about recover the ability to live a productive, enjoyable life. Get help with cocaine addiction today.


New Study Reveals Alcohol is Never Safe During Pregnancy

Alcohol Not Safe Pregnant

Opinions have varied widely on when it’s acceptable for a pregnant woman to drink. It wasn’t until 1973 that researchers identified Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), that collection of symptoms that show up in newborns when mothers drink, usually heavily, during pregnancy. FAS symptoms can include physical deformities to the head and face plus behavioral and learning problems.

And it wasn’t until 1981 that there were definite warnings about drinking during pregnancy issued by the Surgeon General.

One of the problems with collecting study data on the problem was that it was difficult to carry out a study that involved pregnant women because of the chance of harming the baby. But now a recent study has provided a closer look at how much alcohol is too much for a pregnant woman – and does it matter when during the pregnancy she drinks it?

The study carefully followed the toxic exposure and drinking experiences of 992 pregnant woman in California between 1978 and 2005. Once the women gave birth, the babies were carefully examined for any signs of FAS. The researchers then correlated any signs with the amount of alcohol consumed and when in the pregnancy it was drunk.

The report based on this research now states that the second half of the first trimester – or about 43 to 84 days after conception – is the most sensitive time for alcohol consumption, based on the appearance of FAS-type symptoms of women who drank during this time.

But because of the appearance of symptoms in babies born to women who drank in varying quantities at various times in the pregnancy, the researchers were forced to conclude that there were no safe levels of alcohol consumption while pregnant.

This is Bad News for Those Who Can’t Control their Alcohol Consumption

This may not present a problem for the average pregnant woman who has no trouble controlling her drinking. But for the pregnant woman who has lost control due to prolonged alcohol abuse, this is not good news. Some women may seek help at Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or if her problem is drug abuse, Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

Many alcoholics, however, benefit greatly from being removed from the environment in which they were drinking. With alcohol being legal, it can often be found within a few blocks of almost any point of an urban landscape. This is where Narconon can provide a unique kind of help.

Help to Quit Drinking Pregnant

Narconon residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers located across the US and in dozens of other locations around the world offer a pregnant woman a chance to recover from alcoholism in a safe, controlled environment, protecting not only her sobriety but also her unborn child.

Utilizing life skills training and nutritional support, a pregnant woman can learn how to get her life back on track so she can nurture her baby when it is born. At a Narconon drug and alcohol rehab center, Narconon meetings consist of learning how to choose one’s friends properly to preserve a drug-free life, knowing how to recover one’s personal integrity that might have been lost during drug or alcohol addiction, and much more.

For anyone you want to help recover from alcohol or drug addiction, pregnant or not, contact the Narconon International offices at 1-800-775-8750 today to find out more.


Saving a Person from the Destruction of Alcoholism through Alcohol Abuse Rehab

Alcoholism Help

It’s a tragic situation when alcoholism or drugs addiction take over a person’s life. One of the defining characteristics of addiction is that it begins to control a person’s life rather than the person being in control. He or she cannot determine when to drink or do drugs. Instead, the person’s life becomes focused on the next drink, the next injection, smoke or pill.

When this state is reached, everyone suffers. The addict, the spouse, the employer, family, community and other associates. The destruction can and does spread far and wide from just one addict or alcoholic.

Sadly, many people go to conventional drug rehab programs only to relapse into drug or alcohol abuse after release. Real recovery takes more repair and preparation than a 28-day treatment program can offer. Even many longer programs miss some of the points of recovery that are needed.

What is it Like When You do Alcohol Abuse Rehab the Narconon Way?

This innovative program starts with a tolerable withdrawal, supported by generous nutritional supplementation and one-on-one with with Narconon staff. The nutrition begins to calm the body’s reaction to the cessation of drug or alcohol consumption and the gentle reorientation and relaxation processes help calm both the mind and body. This provides a positive beginning to the recovery.

Soon after withdrawal comes the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. This is a sauna-based program that employs more nutritional supplementation and moderate exercise to activate the body’s ability to flush out stored toxins. When drugs or alcohol are consumed and then broken down by the body, some residues are attracted to and lodge in the fatty tissues of the body. This phase of the Narconon drug rehab sets up the right conditions for these residues to be flushed out. As they leave, those in recovery regain a better mood and outlook and their cravings drop, sometimes disappearing altogether by their own statements.

Learning New Life Skills as Part of Alcohol Abuse Rehab and Rehabilitation at a Narconon Center

Each person who is going to go out on their own must have the skills to avoid situations that might present too much temptation, and must know how to turn an adverse situation around to a positive one. They must also have a clear personal moral code and must have recovered their own personal integrity in order to succeed. These and many other points of recovery are part of the Narconon alcohol abuse rehab program.

Narconon Programs Can Enhance the Operation of Drug Courts and Other Diversion Programs

In many states, the drug court is a method of helping people avoid one of the worst repercussions of alcohol or drug abuse: incarcerations. Those arrested for non-violent crimes relating to drug or alcohol use are diverted into programs where they are offered a chance to get sober. According to Narconon reviews, these drug rehab programs located across the United States and around the world work hand in hand with a diversionary program like this, helping to return seven out of ten graduates to a lasting sober lifestyle. Narconon centers may be located near you, like Narconon Georgia near Atlanta or one of several rehabs in Italy or Russia. Find out about the Narconon program today.

Narconon Alcohol Rehab

Preventing an Alcohol Poisoning Death through Alcohol Abuse Rehab

Help Quit Drinking

It may seem unlikely that a person could drink enough alcohol to actually result in their death. Not from car accident, not from a fall, but just from drinking. Perhaps since many people have had the experience of vomiting up alcohol after they have drunk too much, they may think that they are protected from serious effects.

If they thought that, the death of Amy Winehouse ought to convince anyone who needs convincing. After years of very public displays of drunkenness and drug intoxication punctuated with trips to alcohol abuse rehabs, Amy died in July 2011 of alcohol poisoning. Her blood alcohol level was five times the limit for driving.

Just the next month, the lead singer of the band Warrant, Jani Lane, died in California, also of alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol Suppresses the Body’s Ability to Breathe

When a person drinks a high volume of alcohol quickly, there’s two things that happen. First, the volume of alcohol that is absorbed by the person’s body begins to suppress the respiratory function. As the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of the body rises, the person may black out. He may be breathing slowly and may feel cold to the touch. His heart may start beating irregularly. This is bad enough but there is another phase that can follow that can be deadly.

The second thing that happens is that the person’s body continues to absorb alcohol that might be in the stomach or intestines. So even though he has blacked out and is obviously not drinking any more, his BAC can continue to rise. If his friends do not take him to a hospital for care, he may vomit while unconscious and choke on the vomit, or he may simply stop breathing and die, if the BAC gets too high.

Alcohol Abuse Rehab Can Save a Person From this Danger

When a man or woman can’t control alcohol consumption, there is a danger that they can cause their own demise. A person addicted to alcohol does not have control over when he or she quits drinking. A treatment program that has proven to result in the recovery of an addict can be the key to that person’s rehabilitation. That is the result in seven out of ten cases from the Narconon drug rehab program.

Around the world, there are fifty Narconon centers helping drug and alcohol addicts build new, sober lives to replace the ones destroyed by alcohol. This inpatient, holistic program provides each person with the services they need to develop new life skills, to make sober decisions every day.

Alcohol Rehab Counselor

The Narconon alcohol abuse rehab solution includes a unique detoxification phase that enables each recovering addict to eliminate one of the contributing causes of cravings for more alcohol. Since drugs and alcohol tend to body to fat in the body, the toxins remaining after these drugs are consumed can lodge in fat deposits, helping to trigger cravings even years after drinking stops. By helping each person flush out all these toxins in a process that uses a low-heat sauna, nutritional supplements and moderate exercise, alcoholics can achieve a reduction in cravings and improvement of mood and thinking that enables them to further their recoveries. This is the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, a phase of the overall alcohol abuse rehab.

If someone needs help with alcohol abuse, call a Narconon alcohol rehab center to find out how the Narconon drug rehab can help.

It isn’t safe to drink alcohol while pregnant. Get help if needed.