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Better Solution Needed to Addiction when Abuse of Opioid Drugs Hits All Time High

It’s one thing to talk about the problem and completely another to define the solution. Many voices are in agreement that abuse of opioid drugs has hit an all-time high. But few voices define a solution that will have a better result than that which is offered at the moment.

Opioid Drug Help

Many drug rehab programs define success as retention, or someone who stays in or completes a rehab program. This is one of the defining principles behind the administration of a methadone or buprenorphine-based treatment program for opiate addiction. Both methadone and buprenorphine are opioid drugs (similar to opiates) and both are addictive. They are given over a long time period to keep people from using street opiates like heroin or synthetics like prescription painkillers.

With the use of methadone or buprenorphine, it is hoped that an addicted person will not continue to abuse heroin or painkillers. The measure of success is that they continue to take their doses of methadone or buprenorphine. This is “retention” or “compliance.” This is called success.

But can it be success when the person being treated in this manner still is taking a drug every day? He or she does not learn sober living skills, does not get to achieve the feeling of being uninfluenced by drugs. Besides this, some people who take methadone or buprenorphine still abuse illicit drugs.

Are Drug Rehab Meetings Needed for Recovery?

Another pattern of treatment is a series of drug rehab meetings. There are meetings in thousands of towns around the world. Those using this form of rehab normally attend meetings on a concentrated schedule, for example, one meeting a day for 90 days to start. Then sometimes more than one meeting a day as needed. These programs normally teach a person to deal with one sober day at a time.

This type of program does provide support for the person who is trying to stay sober and who needs that continued support in order to achieve sobriety. But if there were a way to generate true sobriety, where the formerly addicted person had recovered from the addiction and no longer wanted drugs, this would define true success.

Narconon Gets Results

For more than forty years, Narconon drug rehab centers around the world have offered a true end to addiction. In fifty locations, those who were addicted when they enter, leave without a desire to use drugs. It takes longer than just 30 days of a short-term rehab to rebuild a life that was dismantled and destroyed by addiction. Most people, by the time they get help, have been addicted for years, sometimes for decades. By this time, there is little left of personal integrity, honestly, self respect. There is no ability to steer a life in a drug-free direction. These skills must be learned and self respect must be restored for a person to trust himself and for others to trust him (or her) again.

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program achieves this result through eight separate phases of recovery. From a deep detoxification program that uses time in a sauna to cleanse out old drug residues, to the recovery of clearer perceptions, to the restoration of a personal moral code to guide one’s actions – the Narconon program is completely based on the result of a person who no longer wants or needs to use drugs or alcohol. One who knows how to manage the points of life that used to trigger cravings. Who can create and achieve goals.

When life can be enjoyed and family can be treasured again, there is no reason to use any addictive substances. This is the result for the majority of those who graduate the Narconon rehab program.

Find out all about it by calling 1-800-775-8750 today.


How to Judge the Most Dangerous Addiction

Every addiction is different, every person addicted to drugs is different. How can one addiction be compared to another to determine which one is the most dangerous addiction?

Different Drug Addictions

The list of potential addictive substances is long. There’s cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, morphine and other opiates, marijuana, prescription painkillers like OxyContin and hydrocodone, stimulants like methamphetamine or prescription drugs Ritalin or Adderall, and of course alcohol. Club drugs like GHB, Ecstasy, LSD and Rohypnol add more items to the list of drugs that can cause a dangerous addiction.

Most of these drugs can cause overdoses and some can simply cause such stress on the body that the heart can fail or the liver can be damaged. Even something as legal and available as alcohol can kill outright.

How to measure a dangerous addiction? By its potential to kill? That’s one index. The amount of ruin visited on a person as a result of seeking and using that drug is another way. A third way would be to measure the destruction received by other people in the environment. Children around an addict can be injured, maimed or even killed. Even if not harmed physically, children can suffer damaging neglect and mental abuse. Spouses can be abused and even members of the community may be endangered if the individual becomes paranoid or aggressive.

Different Drugs or Multiple Drugs Affect People Differently

Unfortunately, the norm for drug use in the last few years has become polydrug use. In other words, the person using cocaine also uses alcohol, Ecstasy, marijuana and perhaps even prescription drugs. This is an intensely DANGEROUS habit, as if there are any physical problems that need treatment as a result of the drug use, medical personnel would have an impossible time untangling the complex pattern of drug effects.

Some people on methadone maintenance treatment still continue to abuse heroin, and add cocaine to the mix. These strong chemicals place terrible stresses on the heart, the liver and the central nervous system.

Even in the middle of fluctuating drug usage or polydrug use, there is often one drug that finally hooks a person, eliminating his or her ability to resist the cravings. Sometimes substance abuse will go on for years before it turns in to this kind of addiction. It might be heroin or the intensely addicting crack cocaine or methamphetamine. For a college student, it might be the Ritalin or Adderall they take so they can stay up all hours to study.

Drug Addiction Help Today

The most dangerous addiction is the one that the person throws his or her life away for. The one they can’t leave behind when they want to. The one that overwhelms. Different people have different weaknesses so the patterns vary greatly.

Break Free from Drug Addiction

While the patterns of addiction have a great variety, there is a sure path to recovery for most people. That is the Narconon drug rehabilitation program available on six continents. In Russian, Mexico, the US, Australia and other countries, those who lost the power of choice recovery sobriety. On average, seven out of ten people who graduate the Narconon program remain sober after they return home.

The Narconon program consist of life skills classes that have a definite outcome. These are not drug rehab meetings or a program where people share their drug-taking histories or get confrontational as a supposed method of therapy. It’s all about learning how to develop the skills that will keep one sober. It takes learning which associates may cause one to abandon the plan to stay sober and which ones will support sobriety. It also takes knowing how to deal with life’s daily challenges without feeling the need for a pill or drink.

Most people complete the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program in three to five months. Find out how this program can help someone you care about recover from their dangerous addiction. Call Narconon today at 1-800775-8750.


Marijuana Shipment Dumped in Ocean Cuts off Supplies for Teenage Drug Abuse

Drug Addiction Help Today

In late May 2012, more than one hundred bales of marijuana were found floating in the Pacific Ocean off the Orange County coast. The Sheriff’s Department hauled in the drugs that were then whisked away for destruction.

Seagoing drug shipments are particularly difficult to detect and seize because of the vast stretches of ocean available for trafficking. Any small cove can serve as a place to land the shipments. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, the eastern Pacific route near the coast of California is commonly used for illicit shipments originating in either South America or Mexico.

Law enforcement was tipped off about this shipment and found the bales twelve miles south of Dana Point, which would mean they had traveled about fifty miles from the US-Mexico border.

The seizure of this much marijuana means that the supplies for teenage drug abuse were reduced by approximately five million individual “joints” or cigarettes made out of marijuana.

Would this Marijuana Have Been a Gateway Drug for Teenage Drug Abuse?

Opinions vary on whether or not marijuana is a gateway drug – meaning that it serves as the first drug a person will use before they move on to abuse other drugs.

According to the National Center on Substance Abuse and Addiction at Columbia University (CASA), three-fourths of high school students have used cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana or cocaine by the time they graduate and half of all students are current users. While it is difficult to trace the exact relationship between the beginning of drug use and ultimate addiction, it can be stated that the $467 billion in substance abuse costs to federal, state and local governments are primarily driven by those who started using drugs as a teenager.

CASA reports go on to show that if a young person refrains from teenage drug abuse – in other words, refrains from abusing addictive substances when they are less than 21 years old – they are virtually certain to never do so later in life.

Narconon Drug Rehab Helps Those who Lose the Battle

When a person loses the ability to control his own drug or alcohol use, and when damage is occurring that person’s relationships, health, finances, legal situation or other areas of life, that person is struggling with an addiction. When this happens, the correct solution is drug rehabilitation.

Whether drugs start becoming a problem as teenage drug abuse or it starts later in life, the Narconon drug help program can be the end of the danger and damage. This long-term program that addresses both the harm done by addiction and the causes of addiction is offered at more than forty locations around the world. In three to five months for most people, the factors that cause people to stay locked in an addictive pattern can be resolved.

The Narconon drug rehab program has just one basis: get the result of lasting sobriety. For seven out of ten people who graduate from this program, this is the result that is achieved. Family can get back the one they lost to addiction and the individual who once was lost can get his or her life and future back again.

Find out how Narconon can help someone who is struggling with drug addiction. Call today to get the whole story on the eight phases of the Narconon program and how they add up to recovery. Call 1-800-775-8750 today.

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Painkiller Sales Soar

Painkiller Sales

It’s a warning as pertinent to parents as it is to patients under a doctor’s care. Be warned that soaring sales of painkillers across the country indicates that so many of these drugs are in circulation that millions of people are at risk of developing addictions.

Parents need to know so that they can lock away painkillers out of the reach of children – not only small children who might take the drug accidentally but also grown children who might have any inclination toward substance abuse.

Patients need to know that there is chance that they may be prescribed a medication that is addictive – possibly without getting enough information on the risk.

The fact is that all painkillers based on an opiate-type chemical pattern are addictive. This includes the very popular hydrocodone (Vicodin, Lortab and dozens of other formulas), oxycodone (OxyContin, Percocet and many others), hydromorphone (Dilaudid) and other formulas. As painkiller sales soar around US, they fuel addiction that may last for years until a person finds the right recovery program to break him free.

Worse yet, that addiction could result in the person’s death. In 2008, more than 14,000 people died from abusing prescription painkillers. You can make sure that you or a loved one are not victims of prescription painkiller addiction by avoiding lengthy use of this type of drug.

How to Lock Away Drugs

While many people say that drugs should be locked away, few people go into any detail on how to accomplish this feat. Most large home improvement stores have medicine cabinets that have locking sections. This type of cabinet will require some slight installation.

If this is not practical, it is possible to go to an office supply store and simply get a strong, locking box. Keeping your pills in this box will keep them out of the hands of teens or young adults, or even guests or workmen in the home. The challenge is keeping any pills locked away. A person with a hunger for drugs will be willing to search an unattended purse to find drugs, perhaps taking just the number of pills they think might not be missed.

Narconon Reviews Report that This Rehab Program Gets the Right Result

When using prescription painkillers legitimately or abusing them recreationally results in addiction, what is needed then is a solution that brings lasting sobriety. Narconon reviews from family and graduates state that this is the program that works for seven out of ten graduates, one of the best success rates in the field.

This is an open-ended program, which means that each person proceeds at his or her own rate. Each person builds a new sober life at their own rate. Some people have been through more difficulties and need more time to repair the damage of addiction.

These Narconon reviews from families state that the program provides each person with the skills they need to make drug-free decisions long into the future. Each person must learn how to face situations that might have sent them to drugs or drink before but this time, solve that situation without flinching. There must be a solution to the depression and guilt that result from addiction. At a Narconon rehab, there is a way to address each of these factors.

There is even a thorough sauna-based drug detoxification program that can bring back the clarity of thought that may have been left far behind. Most people say that this action helps with cravings as well. This action utilizes the sauna along with nutritional supplementation and exercise to draw out old drug toxins that can be involved in the triggering of cravings, even after years of sobriety.

Get Life back

You don’t have to be affected by a trend like one where painkiller sales soar around the US and fuel addiction. Call Narconon today to find out where there is a recovery center near you. Call 1-800-775-8750.