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Parents Would Never Guess That Prescription Drug Abuse Abetted By Family And Friends

Parents may spend plenty of time talking to their children about the dangers of drinking and driving and some may warn their kids against smoking marijuana. But few take the time to advise their children to stay away from prescription … Continue reading

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Conversion From Prescription Drugs To Street Opiates Means Heroin Abuse Worse With First Time Users Younger

As amazing as it might seem, there are some heroin users who maintain their addictions over decades. They become accustomed to dealing with the varying potency of heroin and any overdoses that occur are never bad enough to kill them. … Continue reading

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Surprise For Parents When Study Finds Most Alcohol Drug Abuse Starts In Teen Years

It’s so common for teenagers to cleverly hide their substance abuse from their parents that those people who should be the first to know may be among the last. Parents are not on the lookout for a study that finds … Continue reading

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Opiate Addiction Now Takes Many Forms But Cannot Successfully Be Treated with More Drugs

Thirty years ago, opiate addiction had a very limited range. Most opiate addicts were simply using heroin. A few might be abusing morphine and in a few regions, addicts might have access to opium. In recent years, this landscape has … Continue reading

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Teen Deaths Related to Prescription Drug Abuse Skyrocket

In April 2012, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released some startling statistics on the number of teens being lost to prescription drug abuse. Between the years 2000 and 2009, the number of children losing their lives to … Continue reading

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Saving Our Youth: Study Finds Most Alcohol, Drug Abuse Starts in Teen Years

Recent surveys of teens and young adults have turned up a startling new fact. More than one study finds most alcohol, drug abuse starts in teen years. Just when our young people should be getting educations and preparing for their … Continue reading

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Marijuana Use Among Teens More Common than Cigarette Smoking While Alcohol Use Goes Down

What parents want for their children and what children are doing with their lives still seem to be on divergent paths. Parents generally want their kids to learn job skills or to prepare for careers, and to proceed safely through … Continue reading

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It’s No Surprise that Drug Use Goes Up as Jobs Go Away

Reports from Florida show that when economic stresses mount related to unemployment, more people may be reaching for a pill. Particularly, in this region, OxyContin obtained illicitly, as from a drug dealer or by theft. Or it could be obtained … Continue reading

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Why it’s Not Surprising that Heroin Use Soars for Suburban Teens

Recent news reports are describing the increases in heroin abuse among American teenagers. These are not urban teens but suburban ones. Heroin rates in large Northeastern cities have always been higher than in suburbs or rural areas but that trend … Continue reading

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Chronic Alcohol Abuse is an International Problem that Just Won’t Go Away

Alcohol abuse and addiction could be the world’s oldest drug problem. But excessive drinking and alcohol abuse continue to be serious problems that cause illness and kill people every year. The World Health Organization estimates that more than two million … Continue reading

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