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America Finally Discovers One In Eight US Teens Misuses Pain Drugs

A new analysis of surveys done between 2007 and 2009 among American teens shows that one in eight US teens misuses pain drugs. This survey shows also that the age at which teens started abusing these drugs was younger than anticipated, that many start at 16 or 17, instead of 18 and older as was previously thought.

At 16, a small number of students begin to abuse these drugs and then the numbers grow through the rest of the teen years. The report concluded that there needs to be more drug education provided to students at an earlier age than was previously assumed.

Some of these young people were abusing these drugs to get high and others were taking the pills for some other pain than that for which the drug was prescribed. In most cases, the young people were using medication that had previously been prescribed for them, but some teens took other people’s pills.

Certainly There Are Tons Of Prescription Drugs Available To Abuse

In the last couple of years, the Drug Enforcement Administration has sponsored and promoted drug take-back days where people can safely get rid of drugs that have expired or that are unneeded. In four take-back days from 2010 to 2012, the DEA collected 773 tons of unwanted drugs. Some of these drugs would have been abusable by young people living in the household or who were willing to steal them when visiting some other household.

Overdoses from pain relieving drugs have been climbing along with growth in the number of prescriptions for these drugs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that nearly 15,000 Americans died as a result of an overdose of opioids in 2008. Compared to the number of similar deaths in 1988, today’s numbers are three times higher.

Narconon Drug Rehab Used By Thousands Of Families

The new pain relievers like Oxycontin and Vicodin are highly addictive. A person who uses these drugs over a long period or who abuses them repeatedly risks becoming dependent on them. Dependence can lead to full-blown addiction, where a person’s whole existence begins to focus on acquiring and using drugs.

If someone tries to get sober on their own, there are multiple barriers in their path. The process of withdrawal can be miserable when not supported properly, and a person must literally learn how to enjoy life without drugs. A person’s reliance on drugs like painkillers can impair their ability to maintain relationships and make rational decisions. A recovering addict must relearn the life skills that are needed to weather the challenges of daily life.

This is where the long-term Narconon drug rehab excels. The withdrawal period that starts the recovery is supported with generous doses of nutritional supplements that help calm the spasms, cramps, aches and pains. With gentle assists, similar to light massages that calm the body’s reaction to the changes, and techniques to aid relaxation, a person at

Narconon can have a much more tolerable withdrawal than they might expect.

Once this step is complete, each person learns the basics of communication and then practices these skills. This phase of recovery may be deceptively simple Ð every family knows that the dishonesty and secrets of an addicted person drives a wedge between him (or her) and the family. Beginning to repair the person’s communication channels is an important step forward toward recovery.

This is only the beginning of the eight-phase Narconon drug rehab program. It takes at least three months and for some people, even longer to finally repair the damage, get rid of the addictive mind-set and start planning for a positive future. Learn about all these phases of recovery by calling Narconon at 1-800-775-8750.


New Trend Toward Abusing Hand Sanitizer for Alcohol Content Lands Some Teens In Hospital

Yet another product off the grocery stores shelves has developed a new life as something to be abused to get high. Now, hand sanitizer joins glue, compressed air for cleaning computers, spray paint and other innocent products as an item that needs to be locked away.

In April 2012, a wide variety of news sources carried the story about a handful of teens in Southern California who arrived in emergency rooms over a period of weeks. These teens had taken advantage of the high alcohol content of the product and drank it to get high. But they got so drunk that they had to be monitored in the ER.  Hospital and public health staff began to distribute information to the media to warn parents to watch their supply of hand sanitizer and to warn teens of the problems that could result.

For Some People This Is Not Really News

While this problem may be news to emergency room staff and parents in Southern California, it’s long been known that an alcoholic who cannot get alcohol any other way may abuse all sorts of improbable substances to try to satisfy their cravings for a drink. Vanilla, cough syrup and mouthwash all contain alcohol and will attract a person desperate to subdue their cravings. Now hand sanitizer is added to the list.

Some professionals have stated that some teens separate out the alcohol from the gooey product, and some sources simply state that teens drink the product as it is.  The sad truth is that until a person begins to gain some stability in the fight against addiction, any intoxicating substance may look so attractive that rationality may go right out the window. This is a person who needs a completely drug and alcohol-free environment in which they can focus on recovery.

For Freedom From Any Particular Drug The Narconon Program Can Help

When a person wants to finally get off a drug, the Narconon program can help them realize this goal. In this environment of recovery, an addicted person can find what he (or she) needs. There’s a positive attitude that each person there can overcome addiction. At Narconon programs, there’s no belief that addiction needs to last one’s whole life. The forty-five year history of Narconon centers is filled with names of the people who have come in hopelessly addicted, weak and wasted, who complete this program and regain their physical health and mental clarity, even after many years of substance abuse.

Every Friday night at a Narconon center features a graduation ceremony where those who have completed one of the levels of the program or the entire program can tell the others what that accomplishment was like. It is touching to hear them tell the new arrivals how they can find lasting sobriety if they will just stick with it.  To help each person lose the desire for a drug, the drug Narconon program utilizes:

A detoxification action that enables each person to flush out old drug toxins, resulting in clearer thinking and lowered cravings

Life skills training that restore one’s ability to make drug-free choices in life

Innovative techniques for lifting the guilt and depression that accompany addiction

And counseling that helps brings back the brightness of life.

Whether this is your first experience with a rehabilitation program, NA,  or you have been through several programs without getting the result you want, you should find out how the drug Narconon program achieves one of the best success rates in this field. Seven out of ten Narconon graduates find lasting sobriety after they go home. Find out how this holistic rehabilitation program can help you find the sobriety you seek. Call 1-800-775-8750 today.

Saving Our Youth Study Finds Most Alcohol Drug Abuse Starts In Teen Years

Recent surveys of teens and young adults have turned up a startling new fact. More than one study finds most alcohol; drug abuse starts in teen years. Just when our young people should be getting educations and preparing for their lives, many are starting to abuse alcohol and drugs and risking addiction.

There are several situations that increase a teen’s risk for abusing drugs or alcohol. These are when:

Someone or multiple people in the family abuse drugs or alcohol.

The young person is depressed.

He or she suffers from low self-esteem.

The young person manifests early signs of aggressive behavior.

He or she feels rejected socially.

Parents do not provide enough supervision or care.

The family suffers from poverty.

There are many drugs readily available, either in the home or close by.

To prevent the situation where a survey finds most alcohol, drug abuse starts in teen years, as much as possible these risks should be prevented. The other way to reduce teen drug abuse is to educate the young on the serious problems that can result from substance abuse. When a teen sees his or her friends seeming to enjoy themselves or experience excitement or euphoria, this can look very attractive.

Especially if he is bored or stressed by his experiences at home or at school.


The Right Time To Prevent Drug Abuse Is Before Addiction Begins

Before a person is addicted, they have a much greater ability to set drugs down and walk away from them. If a person has just begun abusing alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, LSD or prescription drugs, if they can be inspired to leave them behind and create a healthy new life, this relieves the family of endless heartbreak and may even save that person’s life.  But young people so often keep their substance abuse habits secrets from family and school, and even from their sober friends.

This is why a young person may change friends rather suddenly. If, for example, a young man associated with athletes and then gradually drops out of touch with them and begins to hang out with young people who are not doing very well in life, dress oddly and perhaps do not seem to care for themselves very well, there is a good chance that he has begun to abuse drugs. It is normal for the new drug user to seek out the company of people who are also abusing substances.

Drug Rehab Services Can Turn This Situation Around

When the young person is on a destructive path, it is likely that drug rehab services are going to be needed to put them back on a productive path. This is the service supplied every day by Narconon drug rehab services. In more than fifty centers around the world, Narconon centers help those who lost the battle with drugs to achieve productive, sober lives again.

Addiction is a terribly dangerous habit. Every day presents the risk of overdose death or accidental injury. Even if a person escapes this kind of harm, the addiction itself strips the individual of all self-esteem. He or she becomes someone who is able to harm loved ones and friends. The addicted person commits acts he or she never would have before.

Trust Narconon drug rehab services to provide a lasting sobriety for your loved one. In seven out of ten cases, Narconon graduates remain sober after they go home. Find out just how this alternative program that uses no drugs in treatment gets this result. Call 1-800-775-8750 today.

Synthetic Drug Use Outweighs Meth and Heroin In Some Towns Creating Entirely New Set Of Dangers

Heroin and methamphetamine have long been scourges on our communities, taking lives, creating moral deterioration and stealing away loved ones. Now there’s a new set of drugs that may be even more dangerous. These are the new synthetics.

These new synthetics may be sold as Spice, K2, Ivory Bliss or a dozen other names. They reach from Europe to every corner of the US. Their chemical compositions may change from day to day as manufacturers try to stay one step ahead of the law.

State legislatures are trying to meet the challenge of these new synthetics but it takes time to get the formulas outlawed by the passage of new bills. Where the substances are still legal, synthetic drug use outweighs meth and heroin in some towns.

Synthetic Marijuana And Bath Salts Are High On This List

While there are many drugs that are partly or wholly synthetic, the main drugs that are currently described as synthetics are drugs like new chemical substitutes said to be similar to marijuana and the new drug that is sold labeled as “bath salts.” This latter drug bears no connection with the minerals that may be put into bathwater. It’s simply a deceptive description that is supposed to evade law enforcement attention. Any buyer knows exactly what to do with any of these substances. They are going to be ingested, smoked, snorted or injected.

There are three primary chemicals that go into bath salts. They were all completely legal until the summer of 2011. One of these chemicals was mephedrone, a chemical blamed for the deaths of as many as 127 people in the British Isles.

In the US, use of bath salts has been associated with acts of terrible self-destruction and violence against others. The incident of face-eating that occurred in Miami in May 2012 is suspected to have resulted from the use of bath salts, although toxicology results are not yet available.   When synthetic drug use outweighs meth and heroin in some towns, the results can be unpredictable, dangerous to the users and others in the environment, and even deadly.


Narconon Drug Help Can Bring A Person Back To Sobriety And Safety

Families may not know what to do when one of their loved ones suddenly exhibits erratic behavior that indicates use of one of these synthetics. Narconon drug help can assist them in bringing this person back to sobriety.

Recovery is not something that happens overnight. Achieving sobriety after addiction takes time for most people in most cases, more than the 28 days of a short-term rehab.

That’s why Narconon drug help is offered on an open-ended basis. In other words, a person progresses through the Narconon drug recovery program at his or her own rate, with no additional charge for a program that runs longer than usual.

Many people receiving Narconon drug help take three to five months to learn the new life skills they need to stay sober, to work through the thorough detoxification process that is an essential part of recovery, and to sharpen up the perceptions that were dulled by substance abuse. These steps are all part of the unique, holistic Narconon program that addresses the whole person, enabling him or her to repair the damage done by addiction.

Find out how the Narconon program can help someone you care about. Call 1-800-775-8750 today for details.

Skittles Party By Teens Is Not What It Seems

A Skittles Party could take the form of a home filled with teenagers where everyone brings all the prescription medications they have on hand and pool them. Then anyone at the party who wants to abuse a pill just dips in and grabs whatever they want.

This practice could be life-threatening but with a deceptive name like a Skittles Party, it could be discussed right in front of a parent without them realizing anything was wrong.

Anyone who knows what Skittles are knows why this term came into use. Skittles are small, round candies that come in an assortment of colors and flavors. There’s a similarity between a bowl of Skittles and a bowl of prescription pills.

It is easy to understand why teens might choose to abuse prescription drugs. Their parents take them, they are given these drugs themselves, they are often available in the home or in the homes they visit. Abusing these drugs may seem like just a small step away from the drugs legitimate use.

But that is because teens do not understand that addiction and death can follow a Skittles party. The bowls at one of these parties may contain any or all of the following:


As well as many others.

Any of these drugs can become addictive and send a person to rehab for recovery. When a number of these drugs are taken together, they can create a complex medical situation that is difficult to untangle in the emergency room.

According to the European Monitoring Committee for Drugs and Drug Addiction, mixing pharmaceutical drugs can greatly increase the risk of adverse health effects. These effects can be short term, as in a number of drugs working together to suppress respiration, or they can be long term, as when these drugs combine to have a slowly-building toxic effect on the liver, kidneys, nervous or cardiovascular systems. Prescription drugs can be mixed with each other, with cannabis (marijuana) or alcohol. It’s very common for teens and young adults to mix the use of alcohol with the use of many other drugs. [Ref:]

Minimizing Drug Use At Home Sets A Better Example For Teens

When a family doesn’t have to sit down and explain why it is all right for dad to take several prescriptions, but the teen must not, it is easier to create a convincing argument.  Avoiding prescriptions can be as easy as asking one’s doctor if there are other alternative to taking a pill he or she is prescribing. A lifestyle change, dietary change or other modification might eliminate the need for a particular drug, as long as the doctor approves it. In this situation, it becomes much easier to explain to a teen or young adult that they should not abuse a prescription pill at a party.

Narconon Objectives Are To Teach Teens That Drug Abuse Can Be Avoided

It’s a difficult world for a teen or young adult. Statistically, 18% of his friends will have abused an illicit drug (including misusing prescription drugs) in the last month. Sixteen percent of them will have abused an illicit drug other than marijuana in their lifetimes, drugs like heroin, cocaine, LSD or Ecstasy. Some of these youth find their way to a Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program and find sobriety as a result.

Narconon objectives are to help a person get completely sober as a result of going through the rehab program. The staff at a Narconon center does not believe that it is necessary to use maintenance drugs like methadone or buprenorphine. The Narconon objective is that each person there achieves a productive, enjoyable life after recovery from addiction.

Find out how the Narconon program can help someone you care about enjoy a sober life again. Call 1-800-775-8750 today.

Half of Young Cigarette Smokers Also Smoke Pot Survey Reveals Real Story

Social media turned out to be a better medium for surveying marijuana use than earlier types of research conducted by the University of California, San Francisco. Using a Facebook-based survey, researchers found that more than half of those who reported smoking cigarettes every day also smoked marijuana. The incidence was greater among those who were Caucasian, living in the Northeastern United States or rural areas, or if they were not students.

All those surveyed were between 18 and 25 years of age.   Prior surveys seemed to indicate that only a third of daily smokers were also marijuana users. The researchers felt that the anonymity of the internet basis for the survey probably helped make the results more accurate.

The fact of half of young cigarette smoker’s also smoking pot, survey results, aligns with another fact from the Monitoring the Future survey issued in 2012. This survey of eighth, tenth and twelfth grade students collects information on drug abuse and attitudes about the subject. In this recent survey, eight out of ten high school seniors felt that it would be easy to acquire marijuana in a short time period. A very high availability makes abuse of the drug all the more likely in every corner of the US [ref:].
When parents fail to realize that half of young cigarette smokers also smoke pot, survey results or live experience, they may miss this sign that their sons or daughters could be using marijuana. Daily cigarette smoking by one of their children could indicate a greater likelihood that marijuana is also being used.

And while marijuana itself is addictive and leads some people to seek rehab services, it also can start some people in a direction of further and more serious drug abuse. Young people in particular may start abusing marijuana only to proceed on to use of opiates, heroin, cocaine or heavy use of alcohol. Other young people may start out with prescription drugs and then incorporate marijuana into their drug use.

Narconon Objectives Are Lasting Sobriety And A Productive Enjoyable Life

In surveys of families who want to help a loved one with addiction, Narconon has found that they simply want their loved ones to be happy, to enjoy life and to be productive Ð all qualities that are lost when a person becomes addicted. So these are Narconon objectives as well. The Narconon program, which is not NA has developed over the years to enable seven out of ten graduates to achieve these goals. When Narconon objectives are achieved, everyone wins.

The Narconon program is composed of eight phases of overall recovery. The phases range from the teaching of the basics of good communication, including practical exercises, all the way to the restoration of one’s basic moral compass. In between, each person goes through a deep detoxification phase that combines use of a strict nutritional protocol, time in a sauna and moderate daily exercise.

Then he learns how to recover his (or her) own personal integrity that was lost in the addicted years. Learning problem-solving skills and being able to identify those who would be true friends and those whose association would lead to relapse are further essential skills for each person in recovery to acquire.

For more than forty years, Narconon centers have been helping the addicted find lasting sobriety, even after decades of addiction to some of the worst drugs available. Narconon can help someone you care about to find a new life, too. It starts with the decision that recovery from addiction is possible. Then contact Narconon for the details on how this innovative program achieves its remarkable results. Call Narconon at 1-800-775-8750 today.

Do You Ever Hear Your Child Talk About A Skittles Party

Most people know that Skittles are small hard candies that come in multiple colors and flavors. Oddly enough, Skittles have become associated with drug use by youth in not just one but actually several ways.

When youth gather together and pool a supply of prescription drugs, it’s said that they are all placed in a bowl that anyone can sample from. That’s called a Skittles Party. Those wanting to get high take out one or a few pills without regard for the type of drug they contain. They could be stimulants (uppers) like Adderall, Ritalin or Concerta. Or they could be benzodiazepines, anti-anxiety medication that make a person more relaxed, or opiate painkillers that create euphoria and sleepiness. There’s many types of prescription drugs that are being abused by youth.

Or Skittles could refer to the use of cough medications that are abused for their high. Cough suppressants with dextromethorphan are frequently drunk straight or mixed with other substances. Families may not suspect their children of abusing this drug and so may have these drugs in the home in the form of bottles of cough syrup left over from earlier illnesses. This is not commonly known as a Skittles Party but may be called Robo-Tripping (after Robitussin) or Skittling.

When a person ingests 100-200 milligrams of the drug itself, they feel mildly stimulated. When they have taken 200-400, the euphoria kicks in and the person may start hallucinating. Visual perceptions distort at 300-600 mg and they lose motor control like they are drunk. If a person gets to 500 or more mg, they are likely to experience dissociative sedation. They are going to be pretty out of it.


But This Isn’t The Only Way Skittles Are Associated With Substance Abuse

Oddly enough, there’s more ways Skittles come up when you’re talking about substance abuse. It’s popular with some crowds to dissolve Skittles in pure vodka, sorting the colored candies by color and flavoring and coloring the vodka as desired. The vodka is both flavored and colored by the candies.

And last, when some people go to clubs and take pills with them, they may carry Skittles packages and hide their pills in them.

Certainly, it is odd to have a single type of candy so closely associated with drug and alcohol abuse.

Dextromethorphan And Prescription Drugs Are Addictive

One thing is fairly certain: Very few people who wind up addicted ever intended to become addicted when they started. Some people may start by selecting pills out of a bowl or ingesting a couple hundred milligrams of cough medication. When the abuse becomes a habit, then it may quickly develop into an addiction. At that point, the person loses his (or her) power of choice to a very great degree. The cravings and the damage a person has done to himself are enough for him to make the decision to continue to use these drugs over and over again.

Narconon Reviews Show That Families Report The Recovery Of A Loved One

Families who choose Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program find that this program agrees with their principles or values, or perhaps they have already been through several rehab experienced before and are looking for something effective and humane. In many cases, the family who sends one of their members to Narconon for rehab often says, at the end of the program, that they have their loved one back again. In other words, the emotional connection is there that was missing all those years that their son, daughter, spouse or other family member was using drugs.

Every graduate from a Narconon program is monitored for two full years after they leave the program. The important thing is that they stay sober after they go home. ThatÕs the true measure of the rehab program. Narconon reviews show that seven out of ten graduates stay sober for this two year monitoring and beyond.

To get Narconon reviews to read for yourself, call 1-800-775-8750 today.

Is Our Future In Danger As Study Finds Most Alcohol Drug Abuse Starts In Teen Years

When we think about our future generation, about the last thing we would want to contemplate is losing our teens to addiction. But now, a French university study finds most alcohol, drug abuse starts in teen years. At this time, as many as three million teens meet the criteria for alcohol abuse, meaning that they are experiencing damage due to their drinking but they continue to abuse the drug. This and other statistics included in this study indicate the degree to which drug education in schools, churches and the home has failed.

This study and others before it have found that the most common age that our youth initiate drug use is fourteen. Many youth begin drinking even earlier. Whenever a study finds most alcohol, drug abuse starts in the teen years; our young people are very often starting their substance abuse before they have gained the experience to make adult decisions.   Surveys have found that they abuse drugs and alcohol to help them cope or overcome the problems in their lives [ref:] .

When using drugs or alcohol, they may feel less shy or more confident, or may feel like they can fit in with better with a group they feel is desirable. They may feel less stressed about school or problems in the home. But what they don’t understand yet is how drugs can disable them from being able to get a good education, achieve career goals, or simply be happy.

The question of addiction is secondary. As teens accumulate drugs in the body, they become less able to focus, concentrate, complete tasks, learn and achieve goals. If they do become addicted to either drugs or alcohol, they stand to lose everything when their lives begin to be devoted to maintaining that addiction.

Demand Reduction Is Needed To Break This Trend

Of course drug sales, purchasing and possession are illegal, but it will never be possible to arrest our way out of this problem. People who cannot resist using more drugs need rehabilitation and those who have not yet become addicted to them need to understand the danger that lies ahead. Drug education that has proven effective needs to be offered to young and grown alike to thwart this growing trend.

At Narconon drug and alcohol centers around the world, staff and volunteers fan out into the community to provide just this type of anti-drug education. A published, peer-reviewed study of the results of this drug education curriculum has shown that this way of educating about drugs and addiction work. Youth receiving this education have lower substance abuse statistics than other youth. This is just one of the tools used by Narconon centers on six continents to prevent addiction. The Narconon program is not sponsored by NA.

Narconon Sauna Program Helps Drive Down Demand

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is the other front used to drive down demand for drugs like alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin and prescription drugs. One phase of the Narconon rehab program uses time in a sauna, moderate daily exercise and nutritional supplements to activate the body’s ability to flush out old drug toxins. After drug abuse, not all residues of drugs are eliminated from the body. Some are stored in the fatty tissues and result in slow, unclear thinking. They can also be involved in the triggering of cravings.

As the Narconon sauna program does its work, a person can regain the brighter outlook and clearer thinking they left behind. Those completing the Narconon sauna phase of recovery often talk about the reduced cravings they experience, even that their cravings are gone completely.   Find out how the Narconon sauna program as part of the overall Narconon drug recovery program can help someone you love recover from addiction. Call 1-800-775-8750 today.

Is There A Solution As Painkiller Sales Soar Around US Fuel Addiction

The problem has been brewing for years. Sales of painkillers began to make an unusual climb in 2000 and by 2010, had reached levels far beyond anything reasonable. Certainly painkillers like Oxycontin and Vicodin help people after serious injuries. Surely Percocet and Percodan may be the only thing that enables people with crippling diseases or cancer to face each day. But the growth statistics for painkiller distribution across the US have not lined up with reasonable levels of use.

The only explanation that fits the situation is that many of the painkillers are being diverted to supply those who are addicted. As painkiller sales soar around the US, fueling addiction, this is the only possible explanation. After all, an analysis of the supply hitting the market showed that 69 tons of pure oxycodone and 42 tons of pure hydrocodone were distributed to the US in 2010. This is enough to provide 40 five-milligram Percocets and 24 five-milligram Vicodins to every single person in the US, whether they are in pain or not.

And the distributions are lopsided. Tennessee, Kentucky received far more than their share, as did Florida, Staten Island and the Southwest. Prescription monitoring programs implemented in state after state began to try to track down those people who were having too many prescriptions filled. But as yet, prescription monitoring systems are not linked from state to state. Therefore all a person who has been caught with too many prescriptions in one state has to do is cross state lines.


When painkiller sales soar around the US, fueling addiction, the answer must be effective ways to reduce the demand for the drugs. That’s where Narconon comes in.

Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Helps People Leave Their Addictive Patterns Behind

No one wants to be an addict. Deep down, each person knows the terrible destruction taking place. To stop and think about all that has been lost is too hard, so they continue to cover up the problems with more drugs. The cravings are also driving them to continue to abuse prescription drugs, or street drugs or alcohol, for that matter.

What is needed is Narconon drug rehabilitation. With a 70% success rate, the Narconon program provides one of the highest levels of recovery in this field. Families who have sent a loved one to multiple rehabs before find in Narconon something different, something more thorough and more sympathetic to their goals.

Most other rehabs have some major feature that falls short of ideal. Many are too short, offering just 30 day programs when the Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment from the National Institute on Drug Abuse recommends 90 days or longer for the best results.

Some rehabs rely on substitute medications to cover up the cravings for drugs or alcohol. But methadone, a synthetic opiate, may be used to “treat” addiction to Oxycontin, another synthetic opiate. It hardly makes any sense.

Still other rehabs utilize confrontational meetings as a method of teaching a person to face the problems they have created by being addicted. At Narconon drug rehabilitation centers, each person learns the life skills that enable him (or her) to see the problems in his life and correct them. They learn how, themselves, to live drug-free, rather than someone telling them how to do it. As part of the program, they learn how to face the obstacles and people in their lives and stay sober while doing it.

The Narconon drug rehabilitation program can help someone you care about who has become trapped in addition to pain medication or other drugs. Call to find out how. Call 1-800-775-8750 today.

Narconon Warns that Teen Deaths Related to Prescription Drug Abuse Skyrocket

In April 2012, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released some startling statistics on the number of teens being lost to prescription drug abuse. Between the years 2000 and 2009, the number of children losing their lives to poisoning went up 90%. The CDC stated that the major reason for this increase is the growing abuse of prescription drugs by teens.

It’s doubtful that parents perceive that teen deaths related to prescription drug abuse skyrocket. They may only see that their child died, or perhaps they were lucky and their child was simply rushed to an emergency room for an overdose but survived. Or maybe they got the young person into a rehabilitation center in time to prevent these dire circumstances.

Despite Advanced Protections Of Children U.S. Rate Of Child Deaths Is High

It could be argued that the US has far more protections of their children than most other countries. There are multitudes of laws in place to protect children or create safe communities. Despite this, the US has a rate of child injury death’s including drug poisonings far greater than many other countries. For example, the US rate of 8.65 children’s injury deaths per 100,000 people is more than four times that of Sweden and nearly twice that of Canada.

Among American states, the worst rates are seen in South Carolina, Alaska, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Wyoming, South Dakota and Mississippi. [Ref:,]

Teens Acquire Prescription Drugs Most Often From Medicine Chests

The primary way that teens acquire prescription drugs to abuse is by stealing them from their own home or the home of someone else. Even a guest who has a pill bottle in her purse could have some pills stolen by a teen with a craving for drugs. Addictive medications, particularly pain pills, must be protected from theft by storing pill bottles in a locked medicine chest. While this is inconvenient, any visitor to the home could steal just enough pills that the shortage might not be noticed. When teen deaths related to prescription drugs skyrocket, then changes need to occur.

At Narconon Drug Addiction To Pain Medication Can Be Overcome

A person who becomes trapped in addiction does not have to feel like their formerly happy life is gone forever. They can recover their personal integrity again and learn how to live sober. And it does not have to be a grim struggle to overcome an assault of daily cravings.

For Narconon, drug addiction responds to a long-term holistic program that deals with the three main components that trap a person in addiction: guilt, cravings and depression. It has been found in forty-five years of helping addicts recover their sobriety that guilt, cravings and depression can be lifted and eliminated. There do not need to be further drugs administered to cover up these problems and give a person a weak apparency of an enjoyable life.

Cravings can be addressed with the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, a thorough detox that flushes out residues from drug use that become stored in fatty tissues. The presence of these residues has been shown to contribute to the triggering of cravings. Those finishing this detox talk about how much lower their cravings are. Some people even say they are gone.

Guilt is lifted by helping a person understand how personal integrity is lost and how it can be restored again, then guiding them through that process. As guilt is replaced by relief, it is common for those in this phase of recovery to talk about the weight that is lifted from them.

Depression can be lightened for some people by boosting their physical condition with nutritional supplements. It is well known that drugs and toxic exposures cause the body to burn up nutrients, so administering generous doses of nutrition help lift the mood. Then as a person works through repairing relationships that were damaged in the past and recovering self-esteem, depression related to addiction usually needs no further treatment.

Learn more about Narconon drug addiction treatment as the problem does not have to destroy the life of someone you love. Call today for further information: 1-800-775-8750.