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Asian Drug Rehabs Use Concentration-Camp Techniques to “Rehabilitate” Addicts – No Surprise that 90% or More Relapse

You don’t hear much about drug rehabilitation in countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, China and Malaysia. There may be a very good reason for that. All these countries have drug rehabs that resemble concentration or forced labor camps more than anything … Continue reading

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How Long Will it Take “Subsys” to Show Up on Drug Overdose Autopsies?

The FDA approves the new sublingual fentanyl spray, but will this super-strong painkiller make it easier for people to overdose on this drug? In January 2012, the FDA announced the approval of a new form of painkiller: a formulation of … Continue reading

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Study Finds Quarter of Suicide Victims are Intoxicated at Time of Death

After reviewing 58,000 suicide cases from across the US, researchers concluded that alcohol played a definite – and tragic – role in these deaths. While numbers varied by gender and ethnic background, on average, nearly a quarter of those who … Continue reading

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Will US Follow Finland’s Trend?: Rising Drug Use among Youth and Women

In the United States, the trend has always been toward more illicit drug abuse by men than women, usually in a ratio of two to one. In drug dependence and treatment statistics both, women generally make up about one-third of … Continue reading

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Chill Pills Generate a New Threat for a New Generation

Before the 1950s, there were no tranquilizers being marketed. Then came Miltowns, followed by Valium and then followed by the full range of antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications. By 1957, there had been 56 million prescriptions filled for Miltowns. And with … Continue reading

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Litany of Heroin Deaths in Alabama Illustrates Fatal Dangers of Addiction

The shift from OxyContin to heroin and people trying to get high after getting clean are some of the reasons for the upsurge in deaths in Alabama. In May 2012, the Birmingham News provided some grim insight into the fatal … Continue reading

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Do New Synthetic Drugs Create the Most Dangerous Addictions?

It’s pretty obvious that there are simply no “good addictions” when it comes to drugs or alcohol. It doesn’t matter if it’s alcohol, heroin, prescription drugs, marijuana or cocaine – every addiction is destructive of a person’s life, goals, focus, … Continue reading

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