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Will Canada’s New Oxycodone Formulation – OxyNeo – Solve the Prescription Pain Reliever Problem?

Oxycodone to OxyNeoAfter years of negotiating, Purdue Pharmaceutical and the Canadian Government finally settled on a way to improve the abuse and addiction problem that exists with OxyContin. On March 1, 2012, the new formulation called OxyNeo hit the shelves of pharmacies across Canada.

OxyNeo is only available in Canada. Now, instead of a dose of oxycodone that can be crushed and snorted, dissolved and injected or just swallowed, oxycodone is now formulated into a pill that is too hard to crush. Alternately, if those bent on abuse try to dissolve the pill, it turns into a thick jelly substance that won’t pass through a syringe.

The US Has Already Been Through this Transition

In the US, a new formulation of OxyContin that was supposedly less abusable was released in 2011. For the US, oxycodone was embedded in a tough glue-like substance. It did not take long for this abuse protection to be circumvented but instead of taking the extensive steps needed to abuse the pills, some people simply switched to other pain pills or heroin. News reports from the west coast, Michigan, Missouri and other area all attest to the increase in heroin abuse and overdose deaths.

Abusing Heroin Now

This trend of course creates a concern that those in Canada who had been abusing the drug may now switch to heroin with its less-predictable purity and potency. It is estimated that most of the 200,000 prescription drug addicts in Canada prefer OxyContin and so now may have to work out another solution.

What these people really need is the type of lasting recovery provided by the addiction recovery program in the two locations Narconon drug rehabilitation centers in Canada and in dozens of other locations around the world. When seven out of ten Narconon graduates finding long lasting sobriety after alcoholism, opiate, stimulant or other drug addiction, then these people are returned to their communities as productive, contributing members. There are many Narconon reviews of graduates who have completely turned their life around and are now giving back to their communisty.

The First Week Brings the First OxyNeo Death

OxyNeo Death

Canadians who were already being prescribed OxyContin immediately started being transitioned over to OxyNeo. With OxyContin prescriptions growing to 1.6 million scrips per year, this means an enormous task to safely transition users to this new drug. Although it was attributed as possibly occurring from transition problems, one death was reported in the first week OxyNeo was in circulation.

This death and the hundreds of thousands abusing OxyContin or other prescription pain relievers points out the importance of directly addressing and eliminating addiction. The other part of the equation is educating young people so they understand for themselves why they should not start abusing drugs. When these two solutions are in place, then extraordinary chemical measures are not needed.

When even a person who has been unable to recover from opiate addiction through other methods can find sobriety at a Narconon center, then Canada may also one day be able to dispense with the clean shooting rooms of Vancouver and needle distribution and other harm reduction programs in other cities. The Narconon program uses tools like sauna, exercise, nutrition, counseling and life skills training to bring an addicted person out of the addicted lifestyle and help them create a new sober life.

Drug-Free Solutions

When strong pain relievers are needed to provide an acceptable quality of life for a person who has suffered injury or illness, there is OxyNeo. For the person who wishes to break free from pain reliever dependence or abuse, there is Narconon.


Recovery From Addiction Does Not Have to Be Infinite

There are some addiction rehab programs that require a commitment of years. When a person uses support groups for recovery, it may be necessary for that person to commit to years of frequent meetings. A therapeutic community may require years of residence for a person to fully develop sober living skills.

On the other hand, a short term program of 28 to 30 days is very often far too short a time to enable a person to rebuild a life that was destroyed by addiction. Perhaps a short term program should be followed by counseling or further service but if a person fails at sobriety as soon as he (or she) goes back to his life, he may not show up for any further service.

Recover from Drug Addiction

When a person who needs rehab chooses the Narconon program for recovery, there are no Narconon meetings to attend. The program consist of courses and excercises in which a person restores his or her life skills for sober living. They consist of periods of time spent in a low-heat sauna in a strict regimen of nutritional supplements on a detoxification program that flushes out old drug residues that can contribute to cravings, even years after drug use stops.

The Narconon program is unique, innovative and thorough. It is thorough enough that seven out of ten graduates stay sober after they go home. It just takes a commitment to do one’s best to get clean and sober, to honestly apply oneself to learning how to live a new, drug-free life. The Narconon staff will take it from here.

Alcohol Withdrawal Timeline

When a person has been abusing alcohol heavily for many years, it may be that they have to go through a medical detox before they can start the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. According to the National Institutes of Health, withdrawal sickness can start within one to a few days after drinking stops and may last for weeks. For most people, their detox will be over within one to two weeks. A few people, especially those in poor health, it may take longer.

When alcohol withdrawal is over, the person can then start the Narconon drug rehab program. This program usually requires three to five months although a few people take longer. Seven out of ten graduates stay sober after they go home, meaning the Narconon program has one of the best success rates in the field.

Loss of Life Skills

Everyone around an addicted person sees that he loses more life skills the longer he is addicted. He stops being able to communicate openly, he has secrets – things he does not want anyone to know. He has done things he would never have done were he not addicted. He has put his addiction before his family and his integrity. Bringing this person back to sobriety includes restoring his own personal integrity. The Narconon program has a workable process for helping bring this about.

You can learn more about the science of this program by visiting

Find out more about this holistic, drug-free program and how it can help someone you care about. Call the international management offices of Narconon in Los Angeles at 1-800-775-8750 today. There are fifty Narconon drug rehabs around the world. Find out where the one that is closest to you is located.


In Some Regions of US, Heroin Abuse Worse, First Time Users Younger

It was bad enough that millions of US teens were abusing prescription drugs in increasing numbers over the last decade. Now, many of them are switching to heroin at a very young age, younger than ever seen before. While this fact may take some people by surprise, it was a completely predictable outcome of the effort to make OxyContin harder to abuse.

Purdue Pharmaceutical began to ship a new version of OxyContin that was bound to a plastic-like substance. The drug was supposed to be released over time once it was in the body but the pill could not be ground up and snorted or smoked.

Overcome Heroin Addiction

It’s bad enough that new reports show heroin abuse worse; first time users younger just makes everything worse.

Laws Have Been Changing to Eliminate Abuse

At almost the same time Purdue released its new less-abusable opiate drug, the State of Florida finally changed its laws so that there was far less OxyContin on the street to abuse. Within the first few months after the laws changed in 2011, the quantity of OxyContin purchased by doctors in the state plummeted more than 90%.

Many other states have prescription monitoring programs so they can tell if any individuals are visiting multiple doctors to get enough pills to abuse or sell. Pharmacies are then required to refuse to dispense these drugs to anyone who appears to be trying to circumvent the law.

What all this means is that a person who wants to abuse this drug, who is addicted to opiates or who wants to try an opiate for the first time is probably going to reach for heroin instead of prescription opiates. While the abuse of any opiate is dangerous and can be fatal, using heroin instead of a prescription drug adds the additional elements of possible damaging contamination and uncertain dosages that can easily result in overdoses.

In Columbus, Ohio, the number of young people being treated for heroin addiction are quickly decreasing in age, and the National Drug Intelligence Center notes that there are increasing amounts of heroin in circulation in the Chicago and Lake County areas. In the San Diego area too, drug courts are trying to divert these youthful addicts into other programs rather than putting them in jail. These signs of heroin addiction worse, first time users younger is an alarming statistic that should drive parents to talk to their children about drug abuse.

Narconon Sauna Program Can Help These Young Addicts Recover

Anyone who has been addicted to opiates knows the cravings they cause. Many rehabs prescribe other drugs that are addictive as a way of relieving the cravings for more opiates. This drugging may start as soon as the person walks in the door and last long after they leave rehab.

At Narconon, sauna time after moderate exercise and generous nutritional supplementation have been shown to greatly change the heroin addict’s recovery experience once he gets to Narconon. This combination activates the body’s ability to detoxify drug residues left behind after a body has broken down and eliminated most of the drug. These residues can make it impossible for a person to remain sober as the residues are involved in the triggering of cravings. The Narconon sauna program flushes out old toxins, resulting in clearer, faster thinking. Those completing this step talk about how their cravings are much lower, sometimes even gone completely.

The Narconon program can help a person with heroin addiction. Call today to get the whole story. Call Narconon at 1-00-775-8750.



Teenage Drug Abuse Reveals the Inadequacy of Drug Education Outreach

There are some signs of improvement in recent surveys of teenage drug abuse, but those improvements are offset by areas in which the situation is worse. When the situation is viewed as a whole, what is obvious is that our young people are not getting the message that drug use is destructive.

For example, alcohol abuse by teens is down. But marijuana and Ecstasy abuse are higher, in fact, marijuana use has been increasing for the last four years straight.

Drug Abuse Help Today

The latest news shows one specific teenage drug abuse statistic that is even more shocking. A new survey has found that nearly one in ten teenagers in the US is a heavy marijuana smoker, meaning that the person uses the drug on 20 or more occasions each month. Earlier surveys on this subject showed far fewer teens being heavy users.

It is just possible that teens are affected by the medicalization of marijuana that has swept across sixteen states. Does the average teenager decide that marijuana must be harmless because doctors prescribe it for sick people? For teenage drug abuse to be based on this conclusion would not be surprising.

What is a problem is that teens understand so little about the effects of abusing marijuana. This can only mean that there is not enough education for teens on the actual effects they can suffer if they use this or any other drug.

For example, with marijuana, young people can lose the ability to think clearly or to focus on the task at hand, to learn or to remember what was learned. It can cause short-term memory loss and depression. At the time of their lives they should be learning and setting goals to achieve, teens may instead be short-changing themselves.

Other Survey Shows that Prescription Drug Abuse Holds Steady

It might be possible to spin steady prescription drug abuse statistics as good news but in fact, it means that too many young people are abusing prescription drugs. Drugs like OxyContin, hydrocodone, Xanax and Valium have the ability to cause overdose deaths or withdrawal symptoms like life-threatening seizures.

In all, half of high school seniors have tried an illicit drug by the time they graduate. In college, entirely new challenges present themselves. College campuses are fertile grounds for substance abuse. Fraternities and sororities still have alcohol-fueled parties, despite the number of colleges that try to regulate or outlaw the practice, and prescription stimulants are widely used on many campuses as enhancements to the ability to stay awake long hours and cram for tests.

But every one of the drugs mentioned so far is addictive and can land a person in a drug rehab center. Even marijuana, thought by some to not be addictive, sends more than a hundred thousand youth between the ages of 12 and 17 to rehab each year. More than 200,000 are 25 or younger.

Narconon Alcohol Treatment and Drug Treatment Can Help Correct the Trend

Around the world, there are more than fifty Narconon alcohol treatment and drug treatment centers that help people who have gotten on the wrong track come all the way back. The Narconon program is a long-term program that is residential in most locations. There are never any drugs used in the Narconon alcohol treatment or drug treatment program. The only thing given to those in recovery are nutritional supplements to help rebuild the body that was damaged by drug abuse and support the recovering person’s mood.

In most centers there are also drug educators that go out to schools, clubs and civic groups in their areas and educate young people on the real results of drug abuse. Giving kids the facts has proven effective in helping them make up their own minds to stay sober.

From Narconon Vista Bay in California to Narconon Taiwan, seven out of ten graduates of this rehab program stay sober after they go home. Find out how you can help someone someone with drug addiction. Contact Narconon at 1-800-775-8750 today.


Eliminating a New Threat: Dangerous K2 Drug Effects and K2 Abuse

It seems like those working in the illicit drug industry are industriously working to keep one step ahead of law enforcement and drug users. It seems they are able to release one new synthetic drug after another onto the market, catching the interest of those who might believe the hype about how “legal” a new drug is and what a great effect it has. One of the latest drugs to appear in this way is a drug being called K2. In some areas, it’s also called “Spice” and it is said to be a synthetic cannabinoid – in other words, a chemical that is similar in composition and effect to marijuana.

K2 Effects

In some areas, these new drugs are not covered by existing laws, and until legislation catches up, a dealer can state that a new synthetic drug is a “legal” high. Naive users may believe this.

One of the additional selling points for K2 is that it will not register on the usual drug tests that might be administered by employers, schools or parents. Eventually, all these points will catch up to K2 and it will be able to be seized and the dealers arrested for the damage they are doing.

K2 Drives Thousands of Call to Poison Control Centers

In less that two years, there were more than 4,000 calls to national Poison Control centers that involved K2 drug effects and K2 abuse. As K2 drug effects and K2 abuse can cause severe anxiety, aggression, threatening behavior and an inability to speak, more and more young people are turing up emergency rooms as well. The main public using this drug are young people who are inexperienced with drug use or the adverse effects that can result.

But at times, these effects have been far more serious than anxiety or aggression. In Wisconsin, a young man who had taken K2 went into convulsions and was admitted to the hospital. Some people experience terrible headaches or uncontrollable hallucinations. One young man who smoked the drug with friends committed suicide later the same night. In another part of Wisconsin, the police were seizing thousands of dollars of this drug just as two sixteen-year-olds were being taken the the hospital for seizures resulting from use of K2. The laws in Wisconsin have caught up to the dealers of this drug and it is already illegal for sale or use.

K2 is also addictive. This means that even if K2 drug effects and K2 abuse cause terrible harm, the person is driven to use the drug over and over again.

At Narconon, Drug Addiction to K2 Can be Overcome

Narconon provides a way for a person to overcome an addiction to K2 and get life back under control again. At Narconon, drug addiction is treated in a long-term program that builds personal integrity, health and sober living skills.
One of the most essential phases of this recovery program is the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. Cravings are aggravated by the storage of drug residues in the fatty tissues of the body. Even years after drug use ended, these lodged residues can contribute to sudden cravings. By flushing these residues out in a sauna-based program, each person in recovery has a better chance to find lasting sobriety. Those completing this program talking about their brighter outlooks and reduced cravings. Some people even say those cravings are gone when this phase is complete.

Once the cravings are under control or eliminated, each person then has the freedom to learn about themselves, how their addiction came about and how they can repair that damage. This process can take some time, which is why the Narconon program is not based on a time limit. Each person proceeds at his or her own rate.

For those going through recovery at Narconon, drug addiction is something that can be overcome and replaced by long-term sobriety. Find out how a Narconon drug addiction program can help someone you love who is suffering from addiction to any drug or alcohol. Call the international offices of Narconon today at 1-800-775-8750.