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Alcohol Withdrawal Dangers Mean that Getting Sober Requires Professional Help

For most people who are addicted, there are those moments where the addicted person wants sobriety more than anything in the world. It might be early in the morning, when the person is starting to sober up and they realize … Continue reading

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Could LSD be Offered as a New Treatment for Alcoholism? Is That Even a Good Idea?

Those trying to overcome alcoholism may struggle with this problem for years before they find the right treatment to help end the battle. But along the way, they could encounter treatment that does more damage than the disease. In a … Continue reading

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While Crack Cocaine Initiates Have Dropped Dramatically, this Addictive Drug is Still Ruining Lives

Between the mid-1980s and 2002, hundreds of thousands of Americans started using crack cocaine each year. This number finally began to decline and by 2010, fewer than 100,000 people were starting to use crack cocaine each year. This is one … Continue reading

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