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Joe’s Recovery from Heroin Addiction

12 Years Old Using Heroin

The first drug J.P. from Baton Rouge ever used was heroin. He was twelve years old. Running with an older crowd, he did what they did and what they were doing was heroin.

From that point, there were few drugs he didn’t use. Marijuana, more heroin, alcohol, pain pills, methamphetamine. It seemed like he didn’t become as addicted as easily as others around him. In fact, it was years before he became addicted.

Once he began messing with pain pills, his use got more frequent and he finally entered the zone of addiction. He couldn’t stop stop taking them without going into withdrawal, so to function in daily life, he had to keep using them.

Started Using Methadone

Then a friend told him about methadone. The friend said, “It’s still a bad addiction but it will save you some money. You won’t be chasing those drugs every day.”

It was the easiest drug ever, he could go get his methadone and get high without obtaining illicit drugs. But then eventually he wasn’t getting high any more. He was just maintaining.

J.P. said that during his years on methadone, his health diminished, his confidence that he could be who he wanted to be diminished, and his self-respect diminished. But he was not aware of the loss because he was so numb to the effects of methadone.

He could not go on vacation. Anywhere he couldn’t go in a day and get back home, he couldn’t go because he was tied to the methadone clinic.

J.P. never went to a rehab all his years on opiates and other drugs so he never went through withdrawal until he went to the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. There, he found that nutritional supplements and gentle physical assists of various kinds were used to help ease a person into sobriety.

His time in withdrawal was longer that most people’s due to the nature of methadone. It took him nearly a month to get completely free from the effects of methadone. He found that the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program that uses time in a low heat sauna, exercise and more nutritional supplements enabled him to flush out the stored drug toxins that helped keep him trapped in addiction.

Think Before using Methadone

J.P. paused for a moment than and his face got serious. He said, “Taking methadone was the worst decision of my life. If you’re going to tell my story, you tell the readers this: you better think a thousand times before going to a methadone clinic. What I see is that people who use methadone as a solution don’t get off drugs.”

He admitted that if he had found this solution sooner, he might have saved his marriage and he certainly would have saved his family a lot of stress.

Narconon Heroin Recovery Rehab

J.P. found Narconon via an internet site and learned how the Narconon program is not a quick fix but is rather a thorough handling. A day later, he arrived at a Narconon facility.

To learn how the Narconon drug rehab program helped free J.P. from his addiction to heroin and other opiates, read further. There is another option for a person who thinks that methadone is their only choice for heroin recovery.

Are Teens Abusing Prescription Drugs While Parents Remain Unaware?

Two Million Children Using Prescription Drugs

In reports from multiple sources, the picture is being drawn of increasing teen prescription drug use. One such report comes from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse and Columbia University( CASA). In their annual study published in 2011, CASA findings stated that more than two million student-aged children were abusing prescription drugs.

Is it possible that there are two million households where the parents are unaware of their teen’s prescription drug use? Interviews with those who started abusing prescription drugs as teens show that in many cases, the teen prescription drug use went on for quite some time before the parents were alerted. After all, prescription drug abuse is not as obvious as alcohol abuse. There’s no smell of OxyContin or Xanax on a young person’s breath after use.

Obtaining Prescription Drugs

Manipulation, deception and drug use seem to go hand in hand. After a person reaches the stage of true addiction to the drugs being abused, this is even more true as that person feels that his ability to cope with life and avoid agonizing withdrawals depends on avoiding detection. Even at a young age, people get very clever at explaining away mistakes, accidents and problems in life that are actually the result of substance abuse.

Like John B. from Boston, for example. He flunked out college due to his drug use but told his parents he was still going to school. He was dropped off in the morning at the community college and then walked home to hide out for the rest of the day. And Ryan T. from Atlanta. His parents didn’t realize that he was using marijuana, alcohol and cocaine in his high school years until his grades finally crashed and he lost a scholarship everyone had been counting on.

What Drugs are Teens Relying on?

The prescription drugs commonly being abused by teens include:

  • Opioid pain relieves like OxyContin, Lortab, Vicodin, Opana and others
  • Central nervous system depressants like Xanax and Valium
  • Stimulants often used to treat people diagnosed with ADHD, such as Ritalin, Concerta and Adderall
  • Over-the-counter drugs, including cough medications with dextromethorphan (DXM)

Obtaining Prescription Drugs

Teens obtain these drugs by stealing them from their own family’s or other people’s medicine chests, trading out their own prescriptions or getting them from the internet. They can also be purchased from drug dealers who traffic in illicit drugs. In the last few years, state governments have been closing one loophole after another to prevent the illicit distribution of prescription drugs but the statistics on teen prescription drug abuse are still rising.

Drug addiction treatment statistics for the US show that more than 150,000 young people find their way to rehab each year to recover from teen prescription drug use that turns into addiction. Nationally, only about one person in ten (of any age) who needs drug rehabilitation finds it. If the same proportion held true for teens, it would indicate that there were more than a million and a half teens who need help in the US alone.

Competition, Particularly in College, Drives Many Young People to Start Abusing Prescription Drugs

The drive to achieve in school is what causes some people to start abusing stimulant type drugs. Ritalin, Adderall and Concerta, prescribed for ADHD, are often abused by students who want to cram for a test or stay up all night to complete an assignment. Or they may want to abuse these drugs so they can stay up and party when they are already tired.

College Drug Use and Trafficking

On college campuses, students of all ages traffic these addictive stimulants to each other. Those who have legitimate prescriptions for the drugs are often pressured to provide them to others. Some other students learn how to manipulate the student health services to get their own pills.

Using Non-Prescribed Prescription Drugs

What is particularly dangerous is the number of teens in high school who do not feel that it is particularly dangerous to abuse prescription drugs. Out of about 13 million students, more than a million thought that using a prescription drug that was not prescribed for one was either not dangerous at all or was minimally dangerous.

Narconon Drug Solution

When students hit the more competitive atmosphere of college, the stress can be too much to bear, and prescription drug abuse may become a regular event. When one’s career is at risk in this way, the answer is the Narconon drug rehab program.

The Narconon drug rehab program is long-term, residential and holistic. Holistic means that it addresses the whole person and the problems that may have led him or her to drug use and addiction. Without eliminating the underlying reasons, those same stresses may lead the person back into substance abuse again in the future. At centers like Narconon Vista Bay in Northern California, those who have become addicted can recover in beautiful surroundings, helped by supportive staff who understand both the problem and the solution.

Trapped in Drug Addiction

When someone you care about has become trapped in addiction, contact Narconon to get all the details on how this program can bring them back to a sober, healthy life again. Call the international offices of Narconon at 800-775-8750.


Does America’s Academic Culture Practically Demand Addictive Drug Use?

When parents send their children off to college, few of them expect those children to become dependent on prescription drug abuse in order to succeed. After all, the earlier generation didn’t have pharmaceutical aids in such profusion. But on campus after campus across the country, increasing numbers of students are using Ritalin, Concerta and Adderall in an attempt to increase focus and improve their ability to study long hours to complete papers or prepare for tests.

Addictive Study Drugs

All three drugs are prescribed for those diagnosed with ADHD in both youth and adults. All three are strong stimulants and are associated with side effects such as insomnia, decreased appetite, dizziness, nervousness and other problems. In a few cases, use of ADHD drugs has led to strokes, heart problems or sudden death.

These stimulants are chemically similar to amphetamine and methamphetamine, both highly addictive drugs. Ritalin is often abused and is known to be addictive and Concerta is simply a time-release form of Ritalin. Some authorities claim that Adderall is not physically addictive but the drug is a form of amphetamine, a drug that is abused by millions of addicts around the world.

Study Drugs Broadly Used on Campuses Across the United States

Expos’s, investigative reporting and surveys done on US campuses show that between 6% and 20% of the students are using these drugs to get through their studies, depending on which campus you visit. The US Department of Health and Human Services stated that full-time college students were twice as likely to use one of these drugs, Adderall, as other young people who were not in college at or or who were only attending part-time. The same study showed that those abusing Adderall in college were far more likely to be using alcohol and illicit drugs as well.

Drug Addiction - Ruined Education

While occasional use for an all-nighter may not lead to addiction, continuous use or abusing the drug by crushing and snorting easily can. A young person intending to achieve a college degree may instead achieve an addiction that ruins their hopes for a higher education.

Drug Rehab for “Study Drugs” Can Put the Dreams of a Degree Back on Track

Narconon Drug Rehab Support

It can happen that a student or other young person may find that he (or she) can’t break himself of the habit of relying on a study drug to get through the school year. It also happens that sometimes abuse to get through studies can progress to more dangerous forms of abuse, such as taking higher dosages or crushing the pills and snorting them. Students may find themselves panicky, sleep-deprived, losing weight, jittery or suffering nausea, stomach pains, fast heartbeat or other odd problems. If they can’t get off these drugs by themselves, they need the support of a good and healthy drug rehab.

At Narconon centers around the world, students come to learn how to break free from addictive study drugs and achieve success soberly. A few months repairing the damage done by these strong stimulants and learning how to make drug-free decisions is well worth the delay in the school schedule.

Root of Drug Problem

In Narconon long-term, residential programs, the use of any pharmaceutical aids is avoided. Many other rehabs may diagnose personality disorders they say underlie the problem with study drugs and prescribe Valium, Librium, Xanax or other drugs, but this is not getting to the root of the problem. An addicted person needs to learn how to succeed and bring their life and study skills under their own control without drugs and that is what is learned at Narconon drug rehabs such as Narconon Georgia in Atlanta.

In a program running three to five months on average, each person has a chance to improve their skills in dealing directly with the challenges presented by life, doing a thorough detoxification to repair harm to the body done by drugs, and learning better how to set and achieve goals.

Narconon reviews appearing on websites verify that the result of the program is a bright new outlook on life and an understanding of how to build a better life without drugs. By pursuing sobriety in a residential environment, a student has a chance to fully focus on recovery before returning to the stress and competition of a academic environment.

Study Drugs Rehab

If you are seeking help for your own dependence on study drugs or if you want to help someone else who needs to break free from addiction, contact the international offices of Narconon at 800-775-8750 today.


Ryan’s Drug Use Experience

Drug Coalition Welcomes Narconon

The first time Ryan tried alcohol, he got a buzz off a drink a family member gave him. He was only ten years old. A couple of years later, he had a large dark beer in Europe that was quite intoxicating for the twelve-year-old. For reasons that are difficult to understand, this second drink was the beginning of a habit of stealing alcohol from friends, neighbors or family.

Stealing Alcohol from Neighborhood Houses

He hit many houses in his neighborhood to steal alcohol, sometimes more than once. At one house where the garage door was left open a few inches for a pet, he found he could slide under the door and get alcohol out of the garage refrigerator.

His ability to find alcohol and steal kept him and his friends with plenty to drink. As he and his friends got older, they started vandalizing things in the neighborhood when they were drunk. But he never got caught.

In High School, Drug Use Escalates

Tried Marijuana LSD and Ecstasy

As he approached high school, some of his friends had started using marijuana and harder drugs. He heard some positive things from those friends about their drug experiences but he was afraid to touch them. Eventually, his fear wore off and he tried the drugs his friends were using, starting with marijuana and moving on to LSD and Ecstasy.

Pretty soon, he was partying hard every weekend — but he was still able to keep his grades up in school. He started going to school high on marijuana and then progressed to smoking weed at lunchtime. Somewhere in this time period, he started using cocaine as well.

By his junior year in high school, the drug use began to catch up with him. His first consequence came when he was suspended for alcohol use at school. The next consequence came when he was kicked off the soccer team and lost his chance at the soccer scholarship that was supposed to pay for his college.

Ryan’s Home Life Begins to Fall Apart

Drug Paraphernalia

His home life began to unravel as well, as his parents caught him with drug paraphernalia and began to discover his lies. He said, “I managed to make it almost all the way through high school, right up to the end when I crashed and burned. I got expelled from high school.”

Ryan attended a remedial school so he could get his diploma and went off to Bozeman, Montana for college. Montana is a beautiful spot, but he said, “It’s full of drugs.” He told himself, “You can party but you’ve got to buckle down and get some good grades.” It only took weeks for him to start skipping class and using every drug he could find. He even tried heroin for the first time. “By this time, I was lost,” he commented.

He Even Tried Heroin

About this time, he began to get sick, being laid out with pneumonia and mononucleosis and not recognizing that he was harming himself through his drug use. A trip home enabled him to return to a more robust condition. When he was well, he thought he’d go back to school and try it again but immediately fell into the same pattern.

Arizona and Methamphetamine: A Bad Combination for Ryan

Tried Methamphetamine

After struggling through one year in Montana, he joined a college friend in Arizona. That was the environment that introduced him to methamphetamine. He lost that robustness, dropping more than 40 pounds to “skin and bones,” as he describes it.

To make some money, he joined in with others to start moving small quantities of drugs around the state. A threatening run-in with one of the drug dealers resulted in his having to leave town so he went home. Not surprisingly, his parents were appalled at his gaunt appearance. They started helping him clean up his life.

Ryan Again Loses the Battle for Sobriety

As he got his life back on track, he tried to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. He went west again, intending to complete college in Colorado.

But it all rapidly went south again. He started using drugs again but this time, added heroin to the mix. And while he had tried heroin before, this time he was addicted. He was also using cocaine and methamphetamine.

He went through withdrawal from heroin at about this time, and thought he was going to die. He tried to restrict himself to heroin use only once every second or third day so he would not have to go through withdrawal again but it would never last. He’d be back to using heroin within a few days. Then he overdosed and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

Rehab and Jail Fail to Help

Drug Rehabs Fail to Help

As unbelievable as it might seem, things got even worse after that. The using and selling of drugs got heavier and he lost more touch with any good values he had as a young man. He went to a couple of drug rehabs but there was nothing there he could identify with. He went to a doctor for help, but he only prescribed Wellbutrin and Ritalin after a short visit.

He started being arrested for drug possession and after pawning a stolen item landed him in jail for a longer period, knew he had to get clean for real. His parents said the only way they would help him was if he went from jail straight to rehab.

Parents Found Narconon Drug Rehab

Because he had not done well at earlier rehabs, his parents started looking for a different kind of rehab this time. They finally settled on a Narconon drug recovery facility. Ryan liked the fact that you could handle the effects of drugs on the body through the sauna detoxification step, called the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. The life skills portion of the program helped him begin to confront life again instead of running away from it.

Sober 7 Years

Once he had finished the Narconon drug rehab program, Ryan felt he had a lot to make up for so he spent the next several years working at the center that helped him turn his life around. That way, he could start others on the path to lasting sobriety. He’s been sober for more than seven years and has a beautiful wife and two small children. He now has a healthy life of his choosing, one that he never could have created as long as he was using drugs.

Call a Drug Rehab Counselor Today

Get more information on how the Narconon drug rehab program helps people like Ryan recover from alcohol and drug abuse.