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How Stephany Got Off Meth

Drinking Alcohol & Smoking Marijuana

From the Moment She Tried Drugs, She Started Using Everyday

S.B.’s first exposure to drugs was through her own mother. She was twelve and her mother was just 31 years old when her mother began giving her and her friends alcohol and marijuana. From the first moment she tried these drugs, she started using them every day.

It was a few years later that she discovered methamphetamine. After her first try, she knew she was going to get totally hooked so she got away from all the drugs by moving in with a relative. That helped her stay clean of drugs for a few years until she suffered a severe setback that changed everything.

For three years, she had held a job while getting herself through the remainder of high school but just before graduation, she was kicked out of school because her job was being a stripper. She had started working as a dancer because, as she put it, “My sister and her two kids had moved in with me and my boyfriend wasn’t working so [my job at] Sonic just wasn’t cutting it.”

Started Using Meth

She was crushed by the disappointment of not finishing school and called her friends to tell them that she was ready to get high. That was when she started using meth. It was easy to get the drug to use because her aunt and uncle in Northeastern Oklahoma were manufacturing meth or she drove to Mexico and brought it back with her.

She stopped eating and stayed up for days. She said that at one point she had been up for so long that a friend of hers found her walking down the street completely oblivious of her surroundings. He had to get out of his truck and shake her to wake her up.

She started missing important family events because she was high all the time. When she did see her family, they knew she was high because they had had their own drug problems but had gotten clean.

She Got Clean for 3 Years for Her Baby

When she got pregnant, she managed to get off the drug for nearly all of the pregnancy. In the middle of the pregnancy, she went to a drug rehab in Tulsa so she could stay clean until the baby was born and then stayed for months after the baby came. She found stability in going to church each week as well and her sobriety lasted for three years.

She Started Using Meth Again

But in November of 2009, that good period ended. From having a good life with her baby girl, she started using meth again. Home life became disruptive and she neglected her daughter’s needs.

Narconon Drug Rehab Center Help

When she found the Narconon drug rehab program, she found recovery to be easier and more thorough than any other time she’d tried it. The depression she’d suffered in her earlier attempts didn’t show up this time because of the techniques used by the staff to keep recovering addicts from focusing on the withdrawal. Instead, they kept her attention directed outward on the environment and the future. As she progressed through the steps of the program, she found that she was able to use what she was learning to be honest with herself and avoid even the thought of drug use.

Narconon Helped Her Get Her Life Back

The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, the phase of the program that utilizes a low-heat sauna, exercise and vitamins to help a person flush out drug residues, provided her with a whole new level of energy. But this time the energy was generated just from health, not methamphetamine like had happened before. Her communication with her family also became easier to understand, according to the family members she spoke to. She began to make plans to get a new job, create a new drug-free life and bring her young daughter back from her mother’s house.

These results are simply what happens every day at the Narconon drug addiction treatment rehab. In fact, seven out of ten graduates stay clean after they go home.

John’s Drug and Alcohol Use

John is clean-cut and athletic, with short blond hair and sharp features. His quick movements and speech reveal his alert intelligence. But through all of his teens and young adulthood, he was headed for complete self-destruction through drugs. And it all started when he was just seven years old.

Drug Use Age 7

At that age, after a short multiple-choice test at his school, he was diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed Ritalin, a strong stimulant drug. His small initial dosage kept growing over the years until it had multiplied to six times his original dosage by the time he was 21 years old.

Ritalin Use to Feel Normal

His years of being given Ritalin by his mother and his doctor convinced him of one thing: He needed to take a drug to feel normal. From that idea it was a simple step to start abusing alcohol and marijuana in his early teens.

When he and his older brother started hanging out with older kids, he got introduced to LSD and mushrooms as well. He quickly found out that alcohol was the drug he preferred.

Abusing Alcohol Marijuana LSD

Drugs and Alcohol Start Ruining John’s Education

Drug Dragging Grades Down

By the time he was in high school, the effect of the drugs began to drag his grades down. He barely graduated and only made it into college with the help of a family friend. But then, since all he was doing was partying and using drugs, he flunked out in his first year.

That was the same year he began to abuse cocaine, finding the effect to be very similar to the effect of the Ritalin he was still being prescribed. The stimulating effects of the cocaine allowed him to stay up longer and drink more.

But the outside world began to interfere in his drugs and drinking. He began to be arrested for malicious mischief or DUIs. After he hit and broke a telephone pole while high on marijuana, his actions got the attention of his family who got him to rehab for the first time. It was the first time he wanted help too.

John’s First Rehab: Librium and Valium as Treatment

Librium Valium Prescribed by Rehab

This first program was a standard 28-day program. The primary treatment was medication and meetings. He was immediately given Librium and Valium and began to attend the meetings.

He left the program after 12 days but continued to go to meetings. In every meeting, he met people who had been trying to recover but were back in the meetings again after failing at sobriety, never recovering fully from their addictions. In his mind, this seemed to give him the justification he needed to start drinking again and in two weeks, he was back to hitting the bottle.

Back to Drinking Alcohol

Now he was convinced he had an incurable disease, like they had told him in the rehab. He got back into all his preferred drugs: alcohol, marijuana, cocaine. He was still taking Ritalin but most of the time crushed it and snorted it to get a stronger effect from the drug.

The Life of Constant Lying Begins

Soon he was living at home again, pretending he was going to college and picking up odd jobs as he could. Most of his money was going to the bar where he was doing his drinking. His drugs, he mooched from his friends. About this time, he said, “It was such a pit of existence that I was stuck in and I didn’t know how to get out. And it only got worse after that.”

His family continued to try to help him but he seemed unable to stay sober. He wanted to get away from their constant help and supervision and found a job selling furniture while traveling from state to state. This enabled him to keep using drugs without anyone trying to help him.

He was making plenty of money but most of it was going to drugs. Now that he was more flush, he started using more cocaine.

Using More Cocaine

He started using eightballs — an eighth of an ounce — per night. He hated the feeling cocaine gave him but found himself unable to stop.

His Father’s Death Brings John to a Turning Point

The turning point of his life came when he tried to go home to see his father just before he died. In a fateful coincidence, he got bumped to first class on the flight home, where he got all the free alcohol needed to get him completely drunk by the time he landed. His family refused to allow him to visit his father drunk. But by the morning when John was sober, his father had passed away.

Father Passed Away

He swore at that point that he would get his life together. It took a few months and one more car accident for him to turn that promise into action. After that accident, covered with blood but relatively uninjured, he looked at himself in the mirror and got honest with himself for the first time. He had to decide how to break the news to his family that he’d been using drugs because they thought he’d been doing great while he was on the road. The next day he was on a Greyhound bus for Narconon.

Greyhound Bus to Narconon

“I came to Narconon knowing that this was my last stop,” he said. “I knew I needed help and I was ready to do whatever it took.”

Getting Sober Wasn’t the Only Thing that Happened at Narconon

He not only got completely sober at Narconon, he also dedicated himself to saving others from drugs. Instead of going on the road to sell furniture and use drugs, John hit the road to deliver drug education classes in schools across the midwest states. In the next few years, he would reach more than 200,000 children face-to-face.

After feeling betrayed by his constant use of drugs, John’s family was upset with him for quite some time. Now, because of his lasting sobriety, John and his family are reconciled.

Narconon Drug Counselor

“The Narconon drug rehab program not only helped me get sober, it helped me understand why I had started using drugs in the first place,” John concluded. “And that helped me find lasting sobriety. Now I can bring my understanding to others through my drug education lectures to schoolchildren.”

Overcoming Crack Addiction

He was a raw-boned type, looking like he’d spent years in the Texas oil fields or herding cattle. Dark hair, tanned and good looking despite the weathered skin and a certain reticence. This was V.C., survivor of decades years of drug use and addiction and a recent graduate of the Narconon drug rehab program. Quietly and calmly, he told his tale in a Texas twang.

He Started Smoking Marijuana at the Age of 14

Trying Marijuana

At fourteen, he’d started smoking marijuana that a friend of his had brought around. When he started driving and had more mobility, he graduated on to “speed” or amphetamines. Once speed entered his life, the floodgates were wide open to any drug he encountered but he conjectured that if he had not started with marijuana, he would not have progressed to other drug use. Once he first used marijuana, he wasn’t scared of drugs any more so he wasn’t afraid to use anything else he ran into.

Once he started using harder drugs like speed, he soon began to feel exhausted and sick and so gave up these but continued to smoke marijuana. He got married and had children — all the while, continuing to smoke grass. Things weren’t too bad for awhile, despite the marijuana use — until crack cocaine arrived on the scene in the late 1980s.

Hooked on Crack After the First Try

His friends told him good things about this new drug and he thought it over. “Well,” he told himself, “it’s just smoke. You’re already smoking marijuana.” He decided to try it when he got the chance. That was a fateful decision. As soon as he got a good taste of the drug, “it nailed me at the first lick. It was five minutes of pleasure and eighteen hours of agony behind it. You’d almost do anything to get another hit.”

Getting more Crack

Getting more of the drug justified anything he did — he hocked and pawned everything of value, telling himself he would get the things back when he got some money. But when the money came in, he bought more crack.

Then He Started Shooting Up

In those days, he and his friends were making their own crack out of powder cocaine, calling it “freebase.” Before long, he was converting some of his cocaine to crack and shooting the rest.


Commited Criminal Activities for more Drugs

Drugs and Jail Time
For the next 26 years, about half the time he was abusing cocaine and the other half he spent in jail. The jail time was never for drugs, but for all the criminal activities he did to get the drugs: thefts and burglaries.

He never dealt crack because if he had it, he was going to use it. There was never any extra.

21 Day Rehab Didn’t Help

Tried 21 Day Drug RehabHe tried a couple of 21-day rehabs in Texas and a detox. In his twang, he explained that the rehabs “just gave me 21 days of sobriety, other than that, it didn’t help me none.” He’d clean up some and put back on some weight he’d lost. It wasn’t until he found the Narconon program that he learned to get clean and get honest work once again. Soon after he graduated the program, he was back with the wife he had left four years before and making a new, sober life for himself.

Freed from Crack Addiction at Narconon

Free from Crack AddictionThe Narconon program was the tool V.C. found that enabled him to break the grip of decades of crack addiction.

Get the whole story on the way Narconon drug rehab helps long-term cocaine and crack addicts.

Giovanna’s Alcohol Rehab Story

She Moved to New York With Her Siblings

Drinking on WeekendsGiovanna is a lively, attractive 44-year old woman with a strong accent betraying her Colombian origins. With her siblings, she moved to New York City in search of the American dream when she was in her 20s. But her alcoholism threatened to steal that dream away.

She started going to parties on the weekends at first. Every weekend, she was drinking a lot. Gradually, she added Thursdays to the weekend, drinking vodka, tequila and gin, straight up. It made her forget her loneliness after her divorce. But she began to accumulate a DUI every few years and spent a few years on probation after each DUI.

Then She Lost Her License to 3 DUIs

She managed to keep her job as an accountant through most of her alcoholism but then she lost that job when the company moved to China. She started working as a child care provider but then when she lost her license after the third DUI, she lost that job because it involved driving the kids around.

Drinking Alcohol Bottles

She was estranged from her family who wanted nothing to do with an alcoholic. She tried a few times to get sober through short-term programs but found that all they did was give her some clean time away from the alcohol.

She was gradually but steadily losing her self-respect, consuming four or five bottles of liquor each weekend. She started having blackouts, not remembering trips to the liquor store to get more alcohol.

She Found Narconon

Jail Time for Drinking
Finally, her DUIs caught up with her and she was looking at three years in jail. She chose the Narconon drug rehab program originally because she needed a long-term residential stay as an alternative to jail time but she as she progressed through the program, she found that it provided a lot more than just an alternative to imprisonment. She found a program that enabled her to get stably clean for the first time in her life.

She Completed the Narconon Alcohol Detox Program

Alcohol Detox Program
Early in the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, she did the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, the portion of the Narconon program that enables each person to flush out old drug and alcohol toxins that get stored in fatty tissues. Once she had flushed out the residues left over from her drinking, she said, “I felt like new.” Her energy and thinking were better too.

She went on to begin learning the new, drug-free life skills she was going to need for lasting sobriety. One of the unexpected rewards this part of the program provided was relief from painful incidents of the past — things she had done or that had been done to her that she was not able to let go of. This gave her a fresh start in life, free from attention on the past.

Sober from Alcohol

A later life skills class taught her how to improve situations that had been damaged by substance abuse. She learned how to make a fresh start with her seventeen-year-old daughter. She was able to repair her relationship with her daughter and show her the new, sober side of herself.

“I’m happy I came here, I Alcohol Rehab Successcould not have gotten stably sober without this program,” she said. “The other rehabs didn’t work for me. This one gave me what I needed.”

Giovanna Graduated Narconon and Went on to Help Others Recover from Alcohol and Drug Addiction

When she graduated from the Narconon program, Giovanna was able to plan an alcohol-free future for herself with her new, sober life skills. Among her other goals was helping others recover from drug and alcohol addiction the same, effective way that she had.

If you would like to read more about the methods Narconon uses to help people like Giovanna recover from alcohol addiction, visit:

John’s Heroin Addiction Recovery

First Came Alcohol

First Drug Experience
John’s first experience with any intoxicating drug was stealing bottles of whiskey and other hard liquor from his grandparents’ basement. He shared his haul with his buddies and tried some whiskey himself. He was thirteen. All that happened was that he got a headache and felt lousy and resolved never to drink whiskey again.

Then Came LSD, Opium and Hashish

He steered clear of more alcohol or drugs until he was 16. By that time, he was going to parties with friends and getting drunk on beers from time to time. But he was against drug use despite the fact that his friends were smoking marijuana. A few years later, on the Fourth of July, friends of his brought LSD, opium and hashish to the party and he got his first taste of these drugs. That was the end of any hesitation about using drugs or alcohol.

Then the Beginning of Drug Addiction

He took his new taste for drugs back to college with him. He was drinking and smoking marijuana while he was back in school and managed to still maintain good grades. But then he changed schools, moving to a university in Florida. At this new school, drugs became an everyday habit for him. That was the beginning of his addiction.

Ecstasy and LSD Use

He said, “It got pretty bad. It was Ecstasy and LSD every day, every single day.” He went to parties or concerts with his friends every day or raves on the weekend. He still managed to go to school and his job for the most part.

Cocaine and OxyContin added to the Mix

His junior year, he finally withdrew from school and got a job delivering food, followed by construction or waiter jobs. He settled down to just using marijuana or drinking, and then added cocaine to the mix. This was followed by exposure to Oxycontin. His first use was snorting. He liked the way it made him feel.

Then Came Heroin and Pain Pills

Again, he tried to get away from the drugs by moving out of the area. It worked for a little while but the drugs wouldn’t let him alone. Pretty soon he was on heroin and pain pills.

Short-Term Rehab

Heroin Overdose
Somehow in the midst of all this, he managed to get his college degree but messed up an opportunity for an internship and career. A short-term rehab helped him stay sober for several months until he went to Spring Break and had a beer. Before he knew what happened, he had drunk a dozen beers and that was the end of that sober streak. This pattern continued with heroin and OxyContin abuse and repeated rehabs. The rehabs prescribed Suboxone and buprenorphine along with other drugs they said were needed for personality disorders, but the cravings never let up. He stayed clean only as long as he was in the facility.

Heroin Relapse

When he passed out in his car in a gas station after picking up a batch of heroin, it was pretty obvious that something was seriously wrong. While he was unaware of the severity of his problem, his parents knew that he needed a different kind of rehab that would break the grip of addiction for good. They found the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. John chatted with the intake people at Narconon but continued to use opiates.


When his friend’s girlfriend had to be rushed to the hospital from a heroin overdose, he began to realize that someone could die from the heroin abuse, and that it might be him. Soon after, he decided to commit to the Narconon program and get clean.

Free from Drugs

It was not a short process after such a long history of drug abuse. But each of the individual steps of the program added up to the realization that he could live his life free from drugs for the first time in a very long time.

Narconon Drug Rehab Completion

Narconon Recovery
Once he had that realization, he never looked back. He went through the Narconon heroin detox program and completed the rest of the Narconon program. He built a positive life free from drugs and now helps others recover from addiction to heroin, Oxycontin, alcohol or other kinds of drug abuse.

If you would like to find out how Narconon helped John and others recover from heroin and opiate abuse, keep reading here:

Recovered from Alcohol Dependence

Drinking Age 12

He’s 26 now but he started drinking when he was twelve years old. He always ran with an older crowd in Bossier City, Louisiana. It became a way of life for him and his friends – stealing beers and the remainders of half-full liquor bottles out of the home. Of course, he got in trouble with his parents when they found out but it didn’t do anything to stop him. They could never have anticipated that the boyish pranks would turn into a full blown alcohol dependence that would require a long-term drug rehab to overcome.

He wasn’t doing anything all his friends weren’t doing. It seemed like a rite of passage to get falling-down, passing-out drunk regularly – before and through his teenaged years.

Lost 6 Friends

When he got tired of getting in trouble with his parents, he and his friends had someone buy liquor for them. Once he got his driver’s license, he began to accumulate DUIs.

Even when he lost six good friends to alcohol, he didn’t stop drinking. He just went to their funerals drunk.

Drug Use age 15

Of course, his drug abuse didn’t stop with alcohol. By the time he was fifteen, he had progressed to Xanax, marijuana and cocaine use. Then he lost his best friend to an overdose of methadone and Xanax. In a moment of twisted logic, he thought at the best way to remember his friend was to become the same kind of person his friend had been – a hell-raiser. He finally became known as a hellion himself that other parents warned their children to stay away from.

Alcohol Dependence

When he was seventeen, all the drug abuse and alcohol dependence were habits he could not walk away from any more. By then, he had also added steroids to the mix.

The next several years were times of loss and pain. He was married and had a daughter but then lost both of them to divorce. He said he entered a dark hole in his life.

Withdrawal Symptoms Suppressed

He tried a drug rehab in Louisiana and stayed for three months. They gave him lots of drugs while he was in the rehab to suppress the symptoms of withdrawal, keeping him from fully getting clean of the influence of drugs.

Using OxyContin Again

That drug rehab had too much emphasis on the past, he said, on all the wrong he had done to people who deserved better. It didn’t work for him. Within a few months, he was using OxyContin – his primary drug right before going to rehab.

Then, through a partner of his father’s, he found the Narconon drug rehab. The Narconon drug recovery program isn’t about what he has done, he explained, it’s about what he can become. Now that he had graduated from the Narconon program, this drug rehab had given him back his confidence and everything he lost during the alcohol dependence and addiction to drugs.

Drug Addiction program

The simple but effective tools used in the Withdrawal Unit kept him from introverting on the changes he was going through and alleviated the worst of the physical discomforts. The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, utilizing exercise, sauna and nutritional supplements, brought back the energy and enjoyment of life he’d had as a child. And the cravings he’d experienced for years without a break were no longer an issue.

Now, he said, he feels more like his true self than he ever has before. Now he’s making plans to see the daughter he had to leave behind while he was an addict and learning to become the father she deserves.

To read about how you can achieve the same kind of recovery for yourself or someone you care about, keep reading here:

Drug Addiction Program

Drug Addiction Program

The beautiful young woman had glowing eyes and very long, shiny black hair. Her smile was bright and ready. She claimed a French and Czech background but could have passed for Native American.

She had just completed with the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program and was making plans for her future life. She paused to answer a few questions about how she had ended up needing drug rehab.

The drug that started her downfall was cocaine – shared with her mother when she was just thirteen years old. She progressed on to opiates, abusing OxyContin and Opana.

After several years of addiction, she tried a drug rehab in Florida but started using drugs again a few months after completing the program. She found that she could manipulate the people around her and get them to help her get more drugs or leave her alone so she could continue to use drugs. When she tried to stop using drugs, the crushing depression that would set in would make it too hard to stay sober. Her guilt at how she used her family for her own ends also kept her trapped in addiction.

Her worst guilt came from sharing a package of Opana – a prescription opiate – with her mother. They each consumed half the amount purchased and the young woman went out to join her friends. When she returned a couple of hours later, she found her mother cold and blue. The Opana had depressed her mother’s respiration to the point that she had passed away. Despite the young woman’s attempts to revive her – undertaken despite the fact that she knew it was useless – it was too late to bring her mother around.

For months afterwards, she was never able to look at her mother’s picture without crying.

When she finally discovered the Narconon drug addiction program, she found a solution to this guilt and depression. She also found an answer for the cravings that never quit for a minute from the time she became addicted.

She discovered in the Narconon program an different approach for a drug addiction program. She commented that the other rehab she’d been to seemed to focus on the past but that the Narconon drug rehab focused her attention on the future – an approach she found much more positive.

The life skills training she went through as part of this drug addiction program strengthened her ability to face the present and the future so that she could enjoy life again. She found that she could bring her mother’s picture out of hiding and put it out in her apartment where she could see it every day. It didn’t make her cry any more.

The Narconon drug addiction program made the difference in this young woman’s life and it can help you or someone you know who is struggling with addiction. For a greater understanding of what elements make an effective drug rehab program, continue reading here:

Call a counselor to get help with drug abuse.

Helping a Loved One Recover from Alcoholism

Help an Alcoholic Family Member

There are times in life that the right thing to do to help a loved one is to be supportive while they work their way through their problems on their own. When you realize that someone you care about is alcoholic, you need to realize that this is very likely going to be a different situation requiring very different tactics.

Most people working through difficulties in relationships or finances, for example, can benefit from some advice, a sympathetic ear, and patience. But alcoholism is in a different category. There is a time that you find out that how to help an alcoholic family member is to insist that they go to an alcohol rehab and frankly, not to accept any other answer. You’ll find that this is the case when a person has stated that they want to drink less, when they realize that they are getting drunk too often but they are unable to achieve this on their own.

The same point occurs when you see that they are damaging themselves by their drinking. Maybe they have landed in jail or been arrested more than once for drunk driving. They may have crashed their car or even injured someone else. Jobs are often lost due to alcoholism and finances may take a crash. When you see these signs, it is time to take that stand whether the person realizes it is time to get sober or not.

When drinking is out of control, you will out how to help an alcoholic family member consists of helping them find an effective alcohol recovery program. For many thousands of people, this has meant the Narconon drug and alcohol recovery program.

In cities around the world, from Taiwan to South Africa and from the US and Canada to Brazil, alcoholics are finding sober, productive lives at Narconon centers. In these long-term, residential facilities, alcoholics experience a completely drug-free, holistic approach to achieving sobriety. Away from their drinking buddies and old haunts, each person can focus on recovery.

The Narconon program results in a remarkable level of success with alcoholics who seek recovery. Seven out of ten graduate remain clean and sober for a two-year period of monitoring after they go home, making it one of the most successful programs in the field.

No family should have to suffer the effects of addiction to alcohol. When they discover the Narconon program for alcohol recovery, these stories of addiction can have happy endings with the former addicts being restored to their former sobriety and productiveness.

Contact a Narconon alcohol rehab counselor to get help with alcohol addiction today.

Narconon Drug Rehab

The Curse of Cocaine Addiction Can be Reversed with Narconon Drug Rehabilitation

In the US, at any particular point, more than 1.4 million Americans are addicted to cocaine. In addition to this, cocaine’s harsh effects are sending hundreds of thousands of people to hospitals – in 2008, more than 480,000 of the 2 million ER visits due to drugs were attributable to problems with cocaine.

Cocaine Withdrawal

Smoked cocaine (crack) or powder cocaine that usually goes up the nose — both drugs are brutally strong stimulants that increase heart rate and body temperature while they constrict blood vessels. They have been known to cause cardiac arrest or heart attack among seemingly healthy people like the famous case of basketball star Len Bias in 1986. Millions more people lose their health, their possessions, families, jobs and self-respect to the drug.

Millions of families seek addiction recovery for those trapped in crack and powder cocaine use so they can get their loved ones back.

Like any drug, cocaine has its own set of withdrawal symptoms that prevents addicts from being able to walk away from the drug whenever they want. Cocaine withdrawal usually starts with a severe crash of energy. The person in cocaine withdrawal will feel fatigued, agitated, anxious and depressed. He will usually feel restless and may be unable to feel any pleasure in any part of life. She will always feel an intense craving for that stimulating drug again. This all by itself can be so sharp and compelling that it sends the person back to crack or cocaine use again.

One of the reasons that the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is so effective among cocaine addicts is that is offers a tolerable method of getting off the drug and getting started with recovery.

For each cocaine addict starting the Narconon drug rehab program, withdrawal starts with generous doses of nutritional supplements. Research has shown that drugs and other toxic substances deplete the body of its nutritional reserves, and addicts seldom eat well or take good care of themselves. So those starting withdrawal at Narconon centers are usually in rough physical shape. Withdrawal is easier when each person starts getting nutritional help right away.

In addition to B vitamins and vitamin C, those in cocaine withdrawal also get generous doses of calcium and magnesium that relax the muscles and help ease aches. The Narconon supplement program for withdrawal also helps lift nutritional causes of the depression that can be so crushing at this time when you don’t have good support.

Every person in a Narconon withdrawal also is guided through simple, gentle exercises that extrovert the attention and provide relaxation. These exercises are repeated frequently throughout the waking hours. The result is most cases is that the person has mild and tolerable cocaine withdrawal symptoms.

When a person makes it through cocaine withdrawal in a positive manner and when they feel good at the end of it, this puts the whole recovery process in a positive light. No one has to suffer an agonizing, desperate withdrawal from cocaine when the Narconon drug rehabilitation program can make it a tolerable, positive start to a new lifetime of sobriety. Call now to find out how you can help someone you love recover from cocaine addiction.

Cocaine Addiction Rehab