Establishing a Narconon Program

A fundamental component of the international Narconon networks's objective is to provide training in the successful Narconon drug rehabilitation and drug prevention methodology to other professionals, drug treatment organizations, governments and community groups.

This would include both Narconon technical and adminstrative expertise, as Narconon network survival (over 35 years) and expansion (from 1 to well over 100 independent centers) and viability (some centers becoming an important economic asset to their region) have demonstrated a uniform standard of organizational competence and efficacy in a wide variety of settings in 29 countries.

drug rehab training

Narconon International works extensively with new groups to implement the Narconon program and establish drug rehab centers. This can range from a medical doctor utilizing the Narconon drug-free withdrawal methods, to the implementation of the Narconon program in an existing facility, to the establishment of full Narconon drug prevention center or residential drug rehabilitation center.

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