Professional Training and Apprenticeship
in the Narconon Program

Over the last decade, Narconon program training materials have been developed to make it possible for anyone, whether or not priorly trained as a professional in the rehabilitation field, to get trained, given that the person wants to help drug and alcohol abusers come off drugs and help prevent people from using drugs.

Narconon training courses have both theory and practical sections, some with hands-on apprenticeships. The trainee studies a series of courses which bring him or her to an ability to apply in actual substance abuse prevention and treatment all of the Narconon program skills and technology and/or administrative expertise.

The courses include education and training in the components of individual counseling; course supervision; the unique sauna sweat-out program; the life skills courses, including ethics, personal values and integrity; drug education; and all of the administrative functions that translate into a viable and successful Narconon organization. It makes a complete intensive package, producing specialists in every staff and technical function of the Narconon program. One can study all or part of the package, as appropriate.

These courses are also applicable for adoption and use in existing institutions or drug rehabilitation programs as well as for directly creating new Narconon centers.

Narconon program training graduates can be found today all over the world. Some have graduated from the Narconon rehabilitation program and then gone on to administer it after staff training and apprenticeship. Others have come to Narconon to train with varied former schooling or field experience.

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Narconon Training Success

Inspired by Narconon's purpose, Dr. Jonathan Chen came from Taiwan to train after having received his M.D. in Radiology. He says, "I still remember 2 years ago when my life came to a low point with no clear purposes ahead. Then I heard about the Narconon drug rehabilitation program's extraordinary results and I considered a complete change of career. I went and trained for 18 months at Narconon Chilocco (Arrowhead) International Training Academy. My study was extraordinarily interesting and challenging."

Back in Taiwan, having finished the training and internships, he continues: "I am totally certain that the Narconon program can change even hard core addicts with not too much effort if you follow Narconon's principles and steps with no deviations." Commenting on what he had learned as a medical professional, prior to coming to Narconon, Dr. Chen states, "As a medical doctor, with all the training received in medical school, one has an advantage entering the field of drug rehab. But for a person without drug-using experience, such as myself, there was a considerable advantage mingling with and learning from drug users, especially when medical school never put any emphasis on drug use and lacked substantive training and knowledge in this vital area. At Narconon I have lived through nearly two years of 'human miracles' who through their program study, converted themselves from hard-core helpless addicts into drug-free individuals who can contribute to society. Another miracle for me was that I learned how to do this myself. This is what I have brought back to Taiwan."

With the help of associates Dr. Chen has now opened and is directing a Narconon residential center in collaboration with a Buddhist temple outside of Taipei.

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