Narconon Arrowhead

Premiere Facility and
International Training Center

The largest Narconon drug rehabilitation center anywhere in the world is Narconon Arrowhead, located an hour's drive from Tulsa, Oklahoma on the shores of Lake Eufaula. This facility offers not only a comprehensive model drug treatment program in a non-traditional, non-institutional setting, but also a full training and apprenticeship or internship program for professionals interested in this new and effective approach to drug rehabilitation and prevention. Narconon Arrowhead houses the Narconon network's International Training Center.

Narconon students in training

Conferences held at Narconon Arrowhead training center

Narconon Arrowhead offers a full spectrum of professional training courses. One can take courses that range from the Narconon Drug-Free Withdrawal Specialist Course through specialty courses on each aspect of the Narconon technical program, to the Running an Effective Narconon Center Course which covers the administrative skills to handle every aspect of producing a viable and productive rehabilitation center, to the Opening a Successful Narconon Center Course which guides a person interested in establishing a new Narconon program of whatever size or type through all the steps necessary to result in a functioning delivery center. There are also courses for Narconon drug prevention.

Recent graduates from the training program at Narconon Arrowhead are now conducting highly successful drug rehabilitation programs in Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Mexico, Colombia, Australia, Brazil, Taiwan, as well as across the United States.

For more information on training at our international training center at Narconon Arrowhead, call 1-800-468-6933.

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