Establishing Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Narconon International and our training centers provide training and guidance for the full establishment of a Narconon drug rehabilitation center. There are several options for delivery of the Narconon program.

Residential or In-patient: The Narconon network has free-standing residential drug rehabilitation facilities in the United States, Mexico, Russia, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Australia, South Africa, throughout Europe and other countries., There are also non-Narconon rehabilitation institutions, whose staff are trained in the Narconon program, which are santioned by Narconon International. Full training requirements take approximately six months full time, with other staff requirements taking shorter duration.

Non-Residential Drug Rehab

The full Narconon program can also be delivered on a non-residential basis when a facility is situated convenient to a working public. Some Narconon centers in dense municipalities have delivered drug rehabilitation primarily on a non-residential basis. See also Community Based Centers.

Basic education and rehabilitation services, such as the Narconon First Step program, can also be provided on an out-patient basis. The Narconon First Step is an educational program on the drug-free withdrawal methods, where addicts can learn how to voluntarily withdraw from drugs without the use of other drugs.

Juveniles in Trouble:

Across the world, juveniles are not receiving enough early drug rehabilitation attention and/or are receiving ineffective services. The Narconon program is remedying this. Narconon International and its licensed or associated centers have worked with probation officers and judges to design and implement drug rehab programs appropriate for minors. In the state of Utah, there has been a very successful collaborative effort between a daytime, non-residential, state-funded drug rehab program for youths with drug-related misdemeanors or felonies who are allowed to continue to live at home but under intensive 'state supervision' authority, which backs up the Narconon model.

Click for more info on the Utah NewLife program: The Utah NewLife model has also been used in Pretoria, South Africa to good result.

The Narconon Drug Rehab program in Correctional Facilities:

The program has also proved its effectiveness in adult and juvenile correctional institutions in several parts of the world, including Mexico, Taiwan, and the United States, among others.

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