Establishing Narconon Centers

Drug Abuse Prevention

Narconon Drug Prevention centers have been established all over the world, many by graduates of the Narconon program who felt it was their responsibility to prevent young people from falling into the trap of drug addiction such as they had. Professionals in the field of substance abuse and prevention have chosen to adopt the Narconon methods as an effective way to combat drug abuse in their community.

With minimal financial and staffing resources one can establish an effective drug education program that reaches thousands of youth in the community each week. A Narconon drug prevention program can be started with a basic complement of three or four staff, and build to a large center.

This drug abuse prevention program can also be implemented in an existing center or be utilized as part of a community coalition. Professional training is available at our international training center which includes the Narconon Communications course, the Narconon Drug Prevention Specialist course, as well as adminstrative training.

Drug Educators

It is not enough to have a few programs and centers reaching a limited number of people; we must educate all our children, and adults, before it is too late. Therefore we offer this drug education program to any who would like to help prevent drug abuse and create a drug-free society.

You are welcome to contact us for more details and find out what you can do.

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