Community Based Centers

Narconon staff work in collaboration with a number of other organizations in an effort to prevent drug abuse and rehabilitate drug addicts in the community. From drug-free withdrawal programs in the Aboriginal communities of Australia, to an inner city Washington DC program for ex-offenders, the Narconon program has been recognized as an effective approach to solving drug abuse and rebuilding local communities. The Narconon First Step program is very easily implemented within an existing faith or community based rehabilitation program or as an integral part of a community coalition.

Some centers may provide the basic Narconon drug rehabilitation components on an out-patient basis along with the Narconon drug abuse prevention and drug education programs. This comprehensive approach addresses both side of the problem-preventing young people from becoming addicted while rehabilitating those who have already fallen into the trap of drug abuse.

As part of a coalition, the Narconon program can provide effective services in conjunction with local schools, parents, businesses, faith organizations and law enforcement. It is our objective to combine resources with other organizations to fully address drug abuse in our communities.

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