Celebrity Support for Narconon Drug Prevention

Use of Positive Role Models

More than a quarter-century ago, the Narconon organization pioneered the promotion of drug-free living through public events featuring prominent spokespersons and celebrities. American actress Kirstie Alley, one of the international spokespersons for the Narconon organization, has tirelessly promoted drug-free living at public events and in radio, television and press interviews. U.S. sports legend Willie Gault has emceed fundraisers and Hollywood film luminary John Travolta has long been a member of the Narconon International Advisory Board.

The Narconon organization also sponsors high-profile public events, such as celebrity "Narconon All Stars" sports contests in Hollywood, Native American ceremonial dances in Oklahoma, rock concerts in Italy and sporting games with police organizations in Germany, Switzerland and many other countries. All of these activities forward the message that celebrities and responsible citizen groups are opposed to drugs.

Even city councils and mayors have come on board by issuing proclamations and commendations on the work Narconon does. Cities like Anaheim, Burlingame and Gardena, California and the Country of Los Angeles have shown their support in this way.

The support of celebrities helps get attention for a cause, and it is a chance for the celebrity to contribute back to the community that supports his or her career. For this reason, celebrities like Chuck Norris and his brother Aaron, Lisa Marie Presley, Woody Harrelson, Nancy Cartwright, Robert Ginty and others have participated in fundraisers and events intended to broadcast the benefits of living a drug-free life. Mr. Ginty accurately described his reason for joining events for Narconon by saying, "We as adults must earn the trust of young people. That is our responsibility, not theirs. We must start them on a road of positive living so we can all have the opportunity of obtaining our goals in life."

Sports figures, stuntmen, actors and actresses are all in a unique position to get the ear of young people and then send out a drug-free message. If they don't do this, it's possible that all teens will hear is how cool it is to use this drug or that, or to get drunk. The idea is to provide a drug-free message that will have a greater influence than a young person's peer pressure.

Every time a celebrity stands up and takes a drug-free stand, it could result in one more young person pushing away a pill, drink, needle or line of drugs. That simple action could potentially save that young person's life. He or she could stop someone else from dying. It's the commitment of Narconon centers around the world to engage the efforts of celebrities to spread this message that sobriety results in a long, productive and enjoyable life.

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